Unantastbar release live album "Wir leben laut" to mark the band's 20th anniversary

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Unantastbar celebrate 20 years of band history with live album "Wir leben laut" + special edition, festival and more

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Together they have laughed, sweated, fought and pulled each other up again and again. In doing so, they have not only made music for themselves, but also for their listeners, who draw strength from their songs and words: Unantastbar are about to reach a remarkable milestone in their career, which they will celebrate in style. With the release of their live record of the album "Wir leben laut", not only the fans can look back on an incredible 20 years, but also the band, who have earned this moment.


Unantastbar began their journey in a small party room in Thalhofer, Brixen, with the desire to make music both for themselves and for others. What the South Tyroleans certainly didn't expect at the time was that it would develop into more than just a simple dream. From cover songs and their own compositions to chart placements and tours with their favorite bands, Unantastbar developed into an integral part of the scene, with their own nightliner and a loyal fan base that always ensured sold-out concerts. Unantastbar combines the authenticity of punk with honesty and creates a family atmosphere that welcomes everyone who wants to join the party.


This is particularly reflected on their new live album, which not only reflects the success of their last album "Wir leben laut" with live recordings, but also offers a look back at their early works. Fans can look forward to tracks such as "Die Hand, die ich mir reichte" as well as classics like "Nur noch diese Lieder" and "Bis nichts mehr bleibt", which are transported straight from the stage to their living rooms. It is both a tribute to the band's long history and a declaration of love to their fans and their time together, which is far from over.


"The history of Unantastbar was characterized by loud music, lots of fun and a wonderful friendship between us, our now very well-rehearsed crew and the fans. We started with concerts in the smallest pubs and the worst dives, slept in sleeping bags backstage or not at all. We drove thousands of kilometers all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland; in the early years just for a few cold beers. The focus was always on having fun with our own music and the desire to be on stage. The venues got bigger, the tattoos got bigger and the fun didn't get any less." 


Unantastbar are celebrating their 20th anniversary not only loudly, but also dynamically: this year, the band are organizing three festivals of their own. The "Wir leben laut" festival in Loburg (May 18), the "Rock Dein Leben Festival" in Laichingen (July 27) and finally the two-day "Gegen Die Stille Festival" in Sterzing (August 30 + 31), which is already sold out. Tickets for the other festivals and information on their tour dates can be found here.


If you don't want to wait that long, you can take a piece of the band's history home with you in the form of their latest record. Although currently sold out, the "20 Years of Laut" special box is sure to be available again soon and I can only recommend it. It not only contains two CDs with a documentary about the band, but also the very first chronicle, a flag, signed autograph cards, stickers and even a piece of the original backdrop from the "Wir leben laut" tour. You can find the link here.


It's just incredible what the band can achieve together with their team and their fans and how far they've come in all this time. It makes you wonder what's next? We are definitely excited and will keep you up to date!


Photocredit: Unantastbar

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