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You Know The Drill and their upcoming EP "Selfhood" + Insights and more.

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"Roll the dice or make your decision. It's you or I, stop playing the victim" - Our studio recently presented you with a small sample of the latest work, "Snake Eyes"the band You Know The Drill ... now there's a second helping! Because the new song will be followed by a brand new EP next Friday, June 22nd.


"Selfhood" is the name of the new album and is filled with five songs. In around 15 minutes, the guys deliver a dynamic and melodic sound that is highly recommended in these hot temperatures. Above all, the record is characterized by an intense and bold musical style, which is particularly evident in songs like "Suspect" emerges. The good piece is very varied and ranges from strong guitar riffs to soft sounds. They have also succeeded in wrapping the thoughtful lyrics in cheerful melodies. All in all, an EP that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.


Like their last work, they have released the new album under Scylla Records published. At "Selfhood" fans of the band can look forward to five new songs in the familiar You Know The Drill style. Our studio would like to recommend one song in particular, "Suspect". The concise "summer sound" can be enjoyed with a cold drink and is our absolute highlight of the EP. The relaxed and exuberant voice of singer Benji stands out in this song and makes you want more.


Us has "Selfhood" and we are looking forward to hearing more from the band in the future! Soon You Know The Drill is traveling in the UK and will hopefully make a little detour to us in Germany, haha ūüėČ ......Unser Magazine will keep you up to date.


Here is a brief insight into the new album..... Have fun:



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