On Abyss Tour with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles


Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles

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Once again we were allowed to hit the rough, homey atmosphere of the E-Werk to see a concert that couldn't have played anywhere else. Fixation played together with To Kill Achilles and Annisokay on a Tuesday in Cologne and couldn't have asked for a better place and a better audience. An evening we are happy to tell you about today.


A lot of people came together in the Essigfabrik that evening, who, although the location was not sold out, stayed until towards the merchandise table.

The background noise was so loud that when To Kill Achilles entered the stage, they were hardly noticed by the audience at first. Abruptly, however, we fell silent when singer Mark shouted into the mic "Whatsup Cologne" and bassist Matthew, underlined this with a proper jump in the air. Energetically and above all relentlessly, the band started and duly introduced themselves with the first song.

To Kill Achilles had such a strong presence on stage that you had to watch them. With a combination of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore, the band played one song after another and interacted with the audience in such a personal way that we felt like we were at a living room concert. Not only that, but the way singer Mark delivered the lyrics partly in a kind of chanting and at the same time talking about his own

Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles
Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles

mental problems, make To Kill Achilles an insider's tip that you shouldn't miss.


For the band Fixation, To Kill Achilles provided a strong model, whose energy the band followed. Fixation had the most dynamic performance of the evening. Singer Jonas, in particular, couldn't be stopped. Back and forth he went across the stage without even taking a break. However, not only that makes the band so special, so does the arrangement of the music. Fixation was so harmonious and coherent, both in terms of their movements and their musical arrangement, that we sometimes had to look and listen twice to really realize that the band has only existed since 2020. Madness!

We were especially pleased that their performance began with the song that we had already pointed out in our interview as our favorite song, "Ignore the Disarray". It was even nicer that it sounded exactly like it did on the record and gave us goosebumps due to the atmosphere on the spot. Other songs from their new album "More Subtle Than Death", like "More Alive", which were often accompanied by an "I wanna see how crazy you fucking get" were of course not to be missed. Fixation put on a strong performance here, which we would love to see again - you definitely shouldn't miss it, should the guys ever play within your reach!

Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles
Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles

Annisokay was the native conclusion of a successful concert. The fan base survived the strong warm-up from the two previous bands and was even more excited to see their favorite band live. Already during the first songs, you could hear the audience's confidence in the lyrics, which also Annisokay pleased. On this evening we met both singers of the band, who exchanged blows on stage. Pogo, celebrations and of course a Wall Of Death as well Circle Pits were not to be missed. Old known and new songs were played and made singer Rudi surf the crowd. Also a cover, "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park, was played and paid as a tribute to Chester Benington. Chapeau, at this point!

Three different bands, three different gigs, but they made it special at E-Werk. We were very happy about the performance of Fixation, which we recommend to you at this point (both in stereo and live). The other bands also blew us away that night and together delivered fireworks that we remember fondly.

Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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