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An interview with Jonas Hansen from Fixation + insights to their new album "More Subtle Than Death", the band and more!

Hi and welcome to Lila's interview!


In an exciting interview with Jonas, singer of the band Fixation, he gave us an exclusive insight into the making of their brand new album. We learned not only more about the creative process, but also about what moved them. An interview that you should not miss!


Special thanks to: Manuel from Head Of Pr & Jonas from Fixation!


Jonas: Hi! This is Jonas, vocalist of Fixation!


Lila: Important things first, how are you?


Jonas: I’m doing very well, it has been a couple of hectic days surrounding the release, but it’s been truly amazing!


Lila: You are known for a versatile metal sound, in which you combine different influences. It is fresh, modern and makes you long for more. This is also clearly noticeable in your new album "More Subtle Than Death". What would you say has influenced you during the creation process and what message do you want to give with your latest work?


Jonas: I think the reason why our music is varied and inspired by different influences is because all of us in the band grew up with different types of music. We have bands that we all listen to as well, which is sort of where we find our middle ground, but I think growing up listening to so much different music has been a good development of all our different personalities. We also never want to limit ourselves or say «this doesn’t sound like Fixation» while writing music. We try to avoid this sort of recipe for what we feel can make a hit, and instead challenge our curiosity and experiment with something that we have never done before.


Lila: Your band exists for a long time and passed through many different situations. What was the best and what the worst thing you’ve experienced together as a band?


Jonas: Well, we started the band in high school when we were like 15 years old. So there have been a lot of terrible gigs and a lot of terrible music, haha. I remember the first show we played with Tobias as our new guitarist, there were not one single person facing us and listening. I think we played for like one hour as well, so it was sort of excruciating, but we took it as a practice and had a good time in the end.


The best experience so far must have been playing at Download Festival earlier this year. We never imagined we would play at such a legendary festival so early in our career. We weren’t sure whether people would come, but when we stepped out on stage, the tent was packed! People even sang the lyrics back to us, it was such a surreal moment.


Lila: If you had the chance to play a concert with any artist you like, who would it be?


Jonas: I think the band that has had the biggest impact on Fixation as a whole is Bring Me The Horizon. It would be an honor to play a show with them!


Lila: Many of your lyrics address political issues, which you have already stood up for in the past with your music. What would you say affected the writing process for "More Subtle Than Death"?


Jonas: More Subtle Than Death is sort of a culmination of everything that runs through my head all the time. It’s the things that frightens me, angers me, saddens me. Writing this album was a way to get all those frustrations out. I’m the sort of person that read the newspaper and is left with this horrible feeling the rest of the day, writing this music sort of eases my mind and makes me process those feelings more. I have always been inspired by bands that talk about the current state of the world and there is still always something to write about, sort of a bittersweet situation.


Lila: Touring with other big bands, playing festivals and releasing new music: In the last few years you've already accomplished some of what others still dream of. Looking into your future, what else do you want to achieve with Fixation?


Jonas: We feel so incredibly lucky to have had those opportunities already, but we will never stop dreaming. There are so many things we want to accomplish with this band, so the hard work will never stop. There are certain tours and festivals we want to play, there is music we want to write that we haven’t discovered in ourselves yet, there are places we want to see and people we want to meet. I think the most important thing for a band is to never stop dreaming, so we won’t.


Lila: Imagine, you had the chance to be presidents of the world and could change something, what would it be?


Jonas: This is a hard question, there are so many things we want to change. You can tell a lot of them just by listening to our lyrics. Personally, I think one of the most important topics in the world today is the reversal of the climate crisis. Everyone, and especially the big companies and factories need to cut down on emissions and take this developing crisis more seriously.


Lila: When I listened to your album, I was quite surprised to hear the choir singing in "Ignore the Disarray". Especially the transition from "Flat Earth" to "Ignore the Disarray" turned out pretty well - is there a story you can share about that last one?


Jonas: Thank you so much! So, the choir in Ignore The Disarray is just a sample. We actually found a choir sample that we chopped up and spread across a keyboard. We then played random keys in a random order until we landed on the order you can hear on the album. I think Tobias tuned it to match the chord progressions of the song as well.


Lila: Soon you will be playing Europe with Annisokay, what are you especially looking forward to on this tour?


Jonas: We can’t wait for this tour! Really looking forward to seeing people from the audience again that we met on the last tour, but also getting to know new people. There are some countries that we’ve never played and some that we’ve never even been to, so that will be very exciting.


Lila: Lastly, is there anything you would like to share with our readers (Immortals)?


Jonas: Immortals, thank you so much for taking the time to read about Fixation. Our debut album «More Subtle Than Death» is out everywhere, so please give it a spin! Show love and respect to the people you meet and the world will be a better place!


Image source: Sebastian Ludvigsen

Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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