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Interview with The Rumjacks about their new album "Sleepin' Rough" and more!

Hey and welcome to Lila's interview!


Today we have again something very special for you: The guys from The Rumjacks, one of the Irish - Punk groups, have taken the time to answer some questions for our studio. At this point a big thank you to Carlo who made this possible and above all The Rumjacks!


What came out of it, how it went and much more, you can now follow in English and German. Have fun!


LILA: If I counted correctly, you are playing 59 shows in only 4.5 months on your European tour. Such an undertaking must be very exhausting. How do you manage to motivate yourselves before each show?


JOHNNY: Last year we played a lot more shows in Europe. So now we are a bit prepared and know what to expect on such a long tour. It doesn't matter how hungover or tired you are, when it's time to go on stage, everything disappears by itself. Oh, and alcohol is always a helpful motivator.


LILA: We actually wanted to visit you at your concert in Düsseldorf to write a live report for our Immortals (readers). Unfortunately, we are on the road that day (maybe postponed is not canceled and if you want we can do it when you play in Germany again). Since we can't cover your show, what can our Immortals expect on a Rumjacks Concert?


JOHNNY: A lot of fun I would say. We have over 22 songs in our set on this tour, so not much can go wrong. Just playing hard from start to finish. We're all there to have a good time, so if the crowd has a good time, we have a good time.


LILA: The Rumjacks has been around for a few years now. What do you think was the best and what was the worst experience you had together as a band?


JOHNNY: There were no bad ones... Only good ones. Last year Woodstock in Poland was a great experience for us. Almost half a million people seeing you, that's already a great experience.


LILA: Why did you choose "Sleepin' Rough" as the title for your latest album? What is the intention behind it?


FRANKIE: Sometimes it is said to someone who is homeless that they "sleep rough", although I also associate this theme with someone having trouble sleeping because something heavy is in their mind. In Sydney, I have noticed a drastic increase in homeless people on our streets over the years. I think it's a very problematic symptom for a city to lose its soul, become colder and have no compassion or sense of community. The track 'them fall' is a tribute to the spirit of many people who find themselves facing nothing, what else can one do when they hit the ground but still look up?


LILA: My favorite song is "The Pot & Kettle" but the meaning of it "pot calling the Kettle black" is not very well known in Germany. Please tell our Immortals what you want to say with this song.


FRANKIE: Sure, it's a common phrase in English for someone to blame another for what they themselves are to blame. Unfortunately, it's typical for people, especially when interacting on social media, to be very quick to band together in judging others, sometimes known as "peer pressure." The song is a comment on that.


LILA: Pick three favorite songs from your album and tell us why you chose them.


FRANKIE: 'A fistful o'roses' is a good song to perform live and 'Eight beers McGee' is my personal favorite to honor the memory of a good young man and Rumjack Fan who passed away way too early... 'Murder shanty' too, as a refreshing departure from our usual material.


LILA: If you knew that one day you would be stranded on a coast, what three things would you take with you?


JOHNNY: Good question... A guitar, a soccer and probably a tent! I can't stand camping, so it would be hell for me.


LILA: You have said about your album "Sleepin' Rough" that it is a collection of real songs, written and performed by real people for real people. Can you tell us what is the intention behind the album cover of "Sleepin' Rough"?


FRANKIE: We commissioned the album cover with the idea of reflecting the title and theme "Sleepin' Rough". I was very interested in portraying that someone who, although he has fallen hard at times, still carries the light of hope in his eyes. Almost like seeing something wonderful that remains hidden from the rest of us.


LILA: What do you think is the main point why The Rumjacks existed as they are today?


FRANKIE: Hopefully we can contribute to the world we go through and give back something we received through inspiration. Whether it's traditions or decades of punk rock, hopefully we help inspire others to step out and tell their own story. That and giving people a good live performance and making you feel like you're taking off.


LILA: Last question: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?


JOHNNY: A huge thanks to you guys for your support! It means the world to us. Thank YOU!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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