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Issues release "Headspace" album

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


We were so free this time and have picked out a few albums that were released this year. Headspace" is one of these albums and as the title says (according to Google translated: headspace) it has to do with various things about which we all may have thought at some time, for example, when drinking coffee or sneezing. The American metalcore band has filled the CD with 12 tracks of which the 11 is an instrumental segue to the 12. If you just listen to the songs you will quickly notice that there are some rap, jazz, country and funk influences which left a pretty cool impression on us. The lyrics are for us of course a masterpiece because they address various issues that nowadays everyone, once found in the head space. To show you again that not only we find the album cool, we have specially picked out for you a comment from Michelle Beck of Revival Media and translated the meaning:


"Headspace is a mish-mash masterpiece of genres and thus a big step forward in Issues' development as a band. You can clearly hear lyrically and musically how much the band has grown in these two years since their self-titled album."


Here again the original text:


"Headspace is a mish-mash masterpiece of genres and one huge step forward in Issues`development as a band. You can clearly hear both lycrically and musically how much the band have matured in the two years since the release of their self-titled album".


We think that these words describe the album exactly and hope that you have already listened to it on some platform or bought it (absolute buy recommendation).


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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