Motörhead announce deluxe version of "Another Perfect Day"

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Motörhead celebrate 40th anniversary of "Another Perfect Day" with deluxe version + release on November 03.

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Groundbreaking, controversial and above all honest: Motörhead belongs to one of the most important bands of metal and have influenced with their sound a whole genre. Both in their time and afterwards, the band pulverized with their music and still managed to unite with this an entire genre.


Raw, personal and unrelenting.


That's how you know them, the band that has sold more than 30 million records and won a Grammy. Now you get to know anew with the revival of their classic "Another Perfect Day"to which they dedicate a deluxe version for the 40th anniversary of the album.


On 04 June 1983 was "Another Perfect Day" published and was released at a time when the band was facing many changes: the work on their album "Iron Fist" were complicated by a dispute with their management, which did not provide the necessary money. The guitarist Fast Eddie had to serve as a producer, who was also signed by Lemmy without further ado for the EP "Stand-by-Your-Man" with Wendy O. Williams. Another dispute arose, which caused Fast Eddie to leave the band.


Brian Roberston, former guitarist in Thin Lizzy, was hired and was able to step in as a replacement at short notice. Gigs in Detroit, Europe and Japan followed until the recordings to "Another Perfect Day" began.


Lemmy later described the album as one of the "most musical" albums of their career.


The influence of Brian is clearly heard on this one, it is more polished and rounded than its predecessors. From the exciting opening of the song "Back at the Funny Farm" to songs like "Rock It" or the eponymous song "Another Perfect Day" you get to hear a new side of Motörhead that reminds you a little of the rock from the time. It is melodic and harmonious in the interplay of the individual members. About the origin, Brian told in an interview with PennyBlackMusic 2011:


"I said, 'If I'm going to be part of the band, we really need to change direction, because I can't play the old Motörhead stuff; it's just too direct.' I wanted to do something more melodic, and they told me to go ahead, so I started writing."


For the fans, this album was too commercial, it did not correspond to what Motörhead stood until then: for a rough, uneven sound. The initially hated album later became a real insider tip and is still traded as such today.


Also at Wacken the album does not pass without a trace. Thus, on the occasion of the 40th birthday, part of Lemmy's ashes were buried in the country inn in a special memorial room this year. The people of Wacken can thus celebrate the legacy of the musician and the band that has shaped many bands inwardly. Wacken co-organizer Holger Hübner told about it in Rockhard (translated):


"There has always been a special connection between Motörhead and the W:O:A, hardly any band played more often with us. The fact that his journey also ends here will remain something special forever."


Thomas Jensen added: "The fact that Lemmy is coming back to Wacken is a great honor for us - how great can hardly be put into words. We will create a place of remembrance for him that does justice to his significance for an entire genre and beyond."


The 40th anniversary of the album is celebrated loudly. On November 3, you can also order three different bundles to selected T-shirts, which all do their right.


The first version is a deluxe variant of the album and is available as an LP in yellow-orange vinyl. Not only nice to look at, you can bring the 80s back into your living room and listen to the ten songs of the album in stereo. Click here for the vinyl.


For all the vinyl lovers who want something more, there is a deluxe bundle with three LPs, a booklet as well as a T-shirt to the "Another Perfect Tour" On the first LP you get to listen to the album, while on two and three you can expect a live recording of their concert in Hull City Hall in June 1983. Not only are there songs from "Another Perfect Day" on it also demos as well as songs from other albums, for example "Iron Fist"are to be heard. The stereo experience is complemented with the booklet, in which backgrounds to the creation of the album are shown. Never before published photos as well as memories and interviews were collected and brought together there. Pre-order it here.


Also the CD bundle has it in itself and should not be missed especially by those who want to listen to the unreleased demos. The decisive advantage with the CD is, simply the B-Sides as well as the demos, which one gets to hear in connection to the actual album. But also with the second CD you get the full luxury of the vinyl, on which you can also hear the live recordings from the concert in Kingston. The booklet is also included with this version. You can get the CD here.


For which version you decide, that is up to you. We can be happy about a CD, which is the best pick for us at this point (Thank you very much, Sonja from CMM!).


We can only suggest you to get your own version or to listen to the deluxe version in any case. It's worth it!


Image source: Allan Ballard


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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