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This year returned the Never Say Die Tour and celebrated its opening at the Essigfabrik, in Cologne with national as well as international fans from the scene. For the European tour were announced both acts that already signed up for the last line-up in 2021, which had to be smaller due to Corona, as well as acts that added with their sound the appropriate mix to an evening that was clearly in the sign of deathcore and hardcore. Impericon had them all, small newcomers as well as bands whose names are always mentioned in connection with this genre. So we could welcome seven different bands that evening, which were similar in music style, but all had their own interpretation of it:

Boundaries, Cabal, Invent Animate, Spite, Currents, After The Burial and Suicide Silence. This year's Never Say Die experience started at the merchandise stand, which we always like to visit on this tour. The tour of Impericon does not only present their own merch, such as a matching T-shirt for Never Say Die, but also the musicians have the opportunity to meet their fans at the booths and sell them printed hoodies, longsleeves or T-shirts. It is not uncommon for a selfie with the musicians to be taken here. Just here you can feel this family atmosphere, which always occurs during the tour and emanates from the crew of the bands as well as from themselves. This year our souvenir purchase did not support the bands, but the booth of the Hardcore Foundation, which was set up outside the Essigfabrik. In the context of the tour are always projects

in the field of mental health or charity. The aforementioned Hardcore Foundation is a non-profit organization that works against poverty and implements this through social commitment and medical aid, primarily in Africa and Europe. Especially here, access to clean water, education and access to medicine is promoted. These projects are sometimes financed by the sale of clothes, according to the classic hardcore style. Should you have become curious, then take a look at here on their website over. After the question of merchandise had already been settled at the beginning, it was time for us to welcome the first band, which was already announced on stage. Boundaries played the all first time overseas and to hear that this would be their first memory of a concert here and we would be a part of it gave me a little goosebumps.

In any case, it was not their first concert, as Boundaries professionally tore up the stage. Many had already come at the beginning, which of course heated up the atmosphere in the factory mightily and made the cheering when bassist Zadak shouted loudly into the microphone "Cologne!" sound like a loud choir. The energy of the audience was put into the band's performance, which mastered the task of being the opener with flying colors. Within minutes, at least that's how it felt, Cabal was also on stage. The band had previously announced their appearance on social media in front of the tour bus with glee, and stood just as enthusiastically in front of the crowd when the first song was played. Cabal was not only very professional, just like Boundaries, but really put in the work to match the charged atmosphere. This wasn't too hard, as the band's first fans emerged from the audience and

loudly bawled along "Your Time Is Up". I think it's clear that the first mosh pit was already formed at this point. Not only singer Andreas put all his passion for the music into his performance, but also the other members put themselves into it, jumped up and down to celebrate together with the fans. Cabal just felt like being on stage and especially on tour, which is why they managed to get off to an insane start here. Following this, Invent Animate picked up on the enthusiasm that had arisen and combined this, as the most melodic band of the evening, with atmospheric songs. Not only fans, but also our crew sang along in the choruses, which were just so catchy and brought variety. Even others from the audience, who didn't know the band, used this mixture of deathcore and metalcore to just go along with it.

Also, an unknown, previously unreleased song was played by the band, but we couldn't hear its title over the applause. We actually come to our highlight of the evening. Spite also play deathcore, but combine it with speed metal, hardcore and death metal to a sound that could literally be used as background music for the whole tour. Already during the build-up singer Darius screamed himself into a rage, to turn this rage into an energetic as well as dynamic performance afterwards, whose movements made you warm just from watching. The singer's screams were loudly returned by fans from the crowd, which turned into a short competition between the two. When the band started their performance there was no turning back. From one side to the other, one had to switch between the individual members again and again,

so as not to miss any surprises. Not only was their interplay very harmonious, but you also had a bit of a feeling that the crowd, as well as the members among themselves, kept egging each other on to give 200%. It didn't take long and the first stage diver announced himself. Bands like Invent Animate also watched the band's performance, which literally drew the crowd to them. The concert of Spite was crowned only by songs like "Kingdom Of Guts" or "Kill Or Be Killed", whose announcements fans greeted with loud shouts. Spite is indeed an incredible band that captivates the audience with its intense performance and invites them to celebrate. We really hope to meet the band on their own headlining tour in Germany and listen to their album "Dedication To The Flesh" for the time being.

It can never be completely avoided, but on this evening the technology just didn't seem to want it. The rebuilding work dragged on longer and longer from band to band, which is of course a pity, because time is lost as a result. Unfortunately, Currents had to suffer in this respect, because they had to shorten their performance. About four songs were played, but all of them had it in them and were sung along by the audience and also attracted Stage Diver. We would have loved to see more from the band, which really gathered a large number of fans that night and also got the first encore shouts ever. But there were two more bands on the mat, so this could not be heard. Nevertheless we can recommend you to listen to the band. Uninterruptedly we stood now in front of the stage and that for about five hours.

My legs were getting tired and a little bit I was longing for a chair, but the next act, After The Burial, made me forget everything with their strong stage presence. Due to Corona, their 2020 tour ended in the middle, so they returned home to the States. Singer Anthony said that the first two months, when he couldn't do anything, were good for him, because he simply had time off, but when this time off dragged on and on and became a year, he got psychological problems. To talk about it so openly on stage and to encourage the audience to seek help for something like that is not easy, but he was thanked with thunderous applause. After The Burial had something in their performance that made them simply approachable. Not only were they cordial, but they also liked to joke with the fans, such as about Anthony's new shoe, which he had worn through

had a skateboard accident. During his performance you couldn't notice it, because he didn't miss the chance to use the whole stage for his show. Fans of the band could look forward to classics like "Exit Exists" and "Quick Sand", which were played by the band. Also the song "A Room For All Slaveries" was dedicated to the following band, Suicide Silence, which was covered by After The Burial. Madness! Now there was only one band left for this evening. But before this could happen, a song was played during the changeover phase, which somehow always belongs to a good concert: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen was sung along by the whole hall, even the difficult parts in the bridge were not left out here. When the song brought the mood of the crowd to another high, Suicide Silence was already on stage.

The band had last played in Germany in 2016, so it was high time to make up for it. Rightly they appeared with as headliners, because they always knew exactly what the crowd just needed. Fast or slow, a conversation with the crowd or a Wall Of Death which was so big that it pushed us to the edge of the merchandise stands: Suicide Silence really has a sense of what a good metal concert needs and rounded it off with a selected repertoire in which classics as well as modern awakeners were present. After a long evening, the opening concert of the tour in Cologne came to an end and sent the crowd, which filled almost the entire Essigfabrik, outside.

This year's Never Say Die tour was a complete success and really brought all kinds of musicians to gather on one stage to celebrate metal. That's what makes the tour so special, which is why it's one of our highlights of the year. That here the ticket on the other hand with 30€ is just way too cheap for so many bands, but maybe is also one more reason for you to be there next year and not to miss this experience.


Absolute recommendation from us!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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