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Of Mice & Men unveil brand new EP "Bloom

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Following the successful and critically acclaimed release of her latest work "Timeless" set Of Mice & Men and bring the successor to the start of the weekend "Bloom" out.


OM&M has had to overcome a number of challenges in the past, including various member changes and the various ups and downs that have arisen as a result. However, they have remained true to their sound, which moves between metalcore, deathcore and post-hardcore and delights a large number of fans worldwide. The band, who have already shared stages with the likes of Papa Roach and Bullet For My Valentine has refined this distinctive sound of her music over the years and is now aiming for the world stage again with her latest work.


Your new EP "Bloom" extends over a length of three songs. The introduction is "Levee" which slowly builds up into an orderly chaos of dynamic guitar riffs, the almost bursting voice of singer and bassist Aaron and the accompanying rhythmic drums, which provides a first impression for the band's (hopefully) upcoming concerts. This is followed by an exchange of blows with the title track of the same name "Bloom" with the words "We were born to flourish. Destined to decay" introduces the piece: Nothing is worth forever, including life, and this process of decay that each of us goes through is part of us and should be appreciated with all its emotions. This message emerges clearly from the song and its honest words give you goosebumps right from the start. Aaron tells about it:


"'Bloom' is a song about grieving the death of a family member. It's about understanding through that loss that grief is not only love in its most intense and fierce form, but also the ultimate price we pay to experience that love. Those who have known deep grief have also experienced deep love. Nothing and no one lasts forever. Love is not a bouquet of plastic flowers; it is watching the petals fall."


With "Pulling Teeth" leave OM&M bring this very short album to a fitting end and present their typical, hard, melodic sound at its peak with this last song, which we are already looking forward to live.


After an extended break, the band has returned to the stage with their latest records "Timeless" and "Bloom" have released two expressive EPs that literally scream to the world that they are back. We're excited to see what else these guys have in store, because this, my Immortals, was just the beginning.


Here the music video to "Bloom":



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