Pluto The Racer release new single "I Might Even"

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Pluto The Racer take you into an exciting story with new single "I Might Even"

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"I Might Even" - This single sparkles with punk, freshness and definitely makes you want more: Up-and-coming band Pluto The Racer recently released their latest single "I Might Even", which offers a taste of their upcoming EP on June 28.


In their latest song, the band tells a story about an unequal separation from two different perspectives. In the verses, one person reflects on how much they care about the other, feel responsible and yet are unsure what to believe after all the lies and empty promises. In the refrain, on the other hand, another person expresses the pain and suffering, blames the other person and even threatens suicide. Despite the two different stories, a common dependency is revealed in which neither of them knows how to get out without harming someone they love.


Musically, this emotional rollercoaster ride is accompanied by a modern punk rock sound that immediately catches the ear. Both informal and striking, the cheerful melody spreads a certain lightness that shines through despite the serious subject matter. A music video has also been released for "I Might Even".



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Pluto The Racer is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Here you can presave it.


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