Silverstein unveil single "Bankrupt" - A wake-up call against the system

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Silverstein release brand new single "Bankrupt" - A wake-up call against the system!

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Looking at the global situation, nothing seems to be the same as before and even the road to recovery still feels far away. Not only those who are directly affected by the Corona pandemic feel anger about the decisions made so far, but also everyone else can only shake their heads from this point on. A band doesn't want to put up with it anymore and goes into battle against the establishment with a strong song to stand up for those who can't do it themselves.




2020 was supposed to be their year and mark the anniversary of their 20th anniversary, for which they even scheduled an anniversary tour. But even they were not spared by the Corona pandemic, which is why the concert series was canceled and the guys retreated back to their home country. Already hit hard by this circumstance, Silverstein noticed a constantly increasing upheaval in society, which the powerful in their positions use for their own advantage. This pent-up anger about a system that doesn't work and is additionally corrupt, the guys discharged in their latest song "Bankrupt". In their song they denounce the decision makers without mincing words and underline the whole thing with a hard, melodic post-hardcore as well as punk sound. It's a track full of anger, disappointment and certainly reflects not only their emotions, but also those of one or two of you. About the song, says guitarist Paul (meaningfully translated):


"I don't know how to feel anything but anger anymore. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Wages are stagnant, tuition is rising, jobs are being automated or outsourced, and the cost of a house is ridiculous in most major cities. The walls feel like they are closing in and escape is beginning to seem impossible. Duplicitous rulers and greedy elected officials are lining their pockets while cutting funding for the programs we actually need. What are we to do now? Community looking out for each other is good, but changing a crooked system is better."


Silverstein latest single sets the bar high for the band's future works, and we're excited to hopefully tell you about their new album soon.


Here the music video to the song:



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