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Sperling release second studio album “Menschen wie mir verzeiht man die Welt oder hasst sie”

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Music is a universal language that is spoken across languages and borders. A language that Sperling understands and that they carry beyond their German lyrics into the hearts and minds of their listeners, no matter what language they speak or where they come from, even on their new album. Look forward to uncertainty, remorse and endless nights with „Menschen wie mir verzeiht man die Welt oder hasst sie“ from Sperling.


Sperling have already left a deep mark on the musical landscape with their music and forged their own path. Their debut album "Zweifel" has already been released in its fourth vinyl edition, and tours with bands such as Being As An Ocean have not been left out. From a small school project to winning competitions, festivals and headlining tours: the band that gives German post-hardcore a voice is one to keep an eye on!


Their new album is what you call art. From the rhythms to the themes to the last note that fills the whole room: You feel transported back to a small concert in which Sperling plays her way from song to song on stage and draws you into her world. Songs like "Thinner than Paper" in particular reflect this personal, intimate concert feeling, which gets under your skin with lines like "Don't wait for me, I'll leave you standing there again; the more I disappoint you, the sooner you can go" .


Emotions that, similar to the waves in their opening song "Meer" with singer Joel from Being As An Ocean, pile up and break in. It is a dystopian world that Sperling describes in her songs, but it also reflects the problem of an entire generation trying to find itself in all the uncertainty. Despair, the search for perspective in times of unrest and climate change: the feeling of being lost and the desire for change are particularly evident here.


Using intricate metaphors, but sometimes also very clear words, Sperling addresses this emotional chaos and wraps it up in a diverse sound that is on a par with it. Sperling has greatly expanded her actual sound and given the songs what they need. From indie, post-hardcore and alternative rock to rap and sometimes even strings to accompany the songs, almost everything can be found on „Menschen wie mir verzeiht man die Welt oder hasst sie.“ Changing rhythms are paired with energetic choruses that also allow for unexpected twists and turns, as in the transition from "Verlieren" to "Fallen". It is an album that is packed with so many details that one listen is not enough. Jojo says (translated):


"On our first album, we talked a lot about how bad everything felt. That has changed for me. I still often have the feeling of failure, but I can take a lot more from it now. For example, I always see the next step in front of me first and not the end straight away."


Despite the many dark thoughts, there is always a ray of hope, as sung about in the song "Luft". Sperling have created an expressive album with „Menschen wie mir verzeiht man die Welt oder hasst sie“ , which tells you that the world can sometimes be difficult, but that you are not alone. We can only recommend that you listen to their new record and don't miss it!


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