The Requiem release debut album "A Cure To Poison The World" on February 16th

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A new era of post-hardcore: The Requiem and their debut album 'A Cure To Poison The World + Our "Album Of The Month"

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"This Is How The World Ends" , The Requiem 's call echoes loudly through the world, and their music provides yet another reason why we should stick with them. The post-hardcore trio have made it their mission to make the musical landscape accessible to younger generations with their rebellious dynamics and attitude. With the release of their debut album "A Cure To Poison The World" this Friday, they are taking the first step.


The Requiem is a three-piece band consisting of Damien (vocals), Felipe (guitar) and Salem (bass) that formed in Broward County, Florida. From a place that has already produced many talented musicians, the band is creating their own niche, blending the alternative rock of bands like My Chemical Romance with the post-hardcore of Pierce The Veil and influences from bands like The Used, Finch, Ozzy Osbourne, Genesis and more. The result is a mixture of a youth's cry for freedom, the urge to make a difference, and the ups and downs of growing up that echo in their songs.


"A Cure To Poison The World" takes up these stories and gives them space. They are stories that accompany us through our youth, from lost friends to the illusions we impose on ourselves. It's about self-reflection, hopelessness and the dark sides that hide in the corners of our own rooms. The Requiem have created an album that offers solace to the youth who have yet to find their way. Similarly, their sound also reflects their changing states of mind, from anthemic, noisy songs like "Cursed" to sensitive, emotional pieces like "Two Lovers Left Alive" and an extended, furious chaos in "Diary Of Masochist". There is a song for every emotion on her new album.


About the album the band tells:


"I want people to actually be able to relate to the music and identify", Damien says. "It's the same way I felt my favorite artists spoke for me". Felipe shares the sentiment, saying, "Our goal is to be our most pure form These songs thematically reference growing up, the struggles of becoming an adult, and lessons we've learned".


It is safe to say that with The Requiem , we have discovered a band that will soon be filling concert halls around the world from Broward County. This clearly shows the potential that the band demonstrates with this strong debut album. For us, it is therefore clearly our "Album Of The Month.


Save the date: February 16!


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