The Story So Far release new album "I Want To Disappear" this Friday

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A look behind the scenes: The Story So Far and their new album "I Want To Disappear"

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“We’re always just trying to make something that we love and that feels like it’s relevant to where we are in life”


The band's new studio album The Story So Far is ready for its release and will be out this Friday via Pure Noise Records. "I Want To Disappear" is an intense new work that takes a fresh perspective on the band's authentic and emotional soundtrack.


But more on that in a moment.


It has taken The Story So Far almost six years to produce another album. Between "Proper Dose" and "I Want To Disappear" lies a period of time that has shaped the band both musically and personally. They have grown older, developed themselves further and are now at an age where their priorities have been realigned:


“We kind of grew out of our 20s between this record and last” says Torf. “Like a lot of people, you go through so many different things in life and you’re faced with new challenges. As a band, when you go through hardships you realize that some things are more important than music. These can and do take priority over playing, and that can feel divisive. It’s sometimes necessary though, to get to where you want to go.”


Such phases are part of life and, especially in music, provide moments that you might not have heard because of these changes. Geyer adds:


“We were waiting for all the stars to align for our individual situation. So that this record could be the priority, and that we had the time and space to make it happen in the way that we wanted to. We went through a lot as people, and as a band, to discover what was working about it, and we leaned into that.”


"I Want To Disappear" is an emotional journey that picks up on this phase of growing up and getting older. It combines the seriousness of adulthood with the youthful feeling of freedom and ease. It's easy to listen to the band and identify with their music, which is underlined by their melancholic pop-punk sound. The opening track "All This Time" is particularly strong and gives you space to immerse yourself in their new album. The Story So Far have retained their familiar sound and added a personal, perhaps slightly more mature touch that is clearly audible. Fans can look forward to an album that retains the band's classic sound but is still open to unexpected moments and highlights, such as the eponymous song on the album, which we can recommend as our favorite of the album.


“We're always just trying to make something that we love and that feels like it's relevant to where we are in life. We've already done so much in the past, but we wanted this to feel like the present thing that we are. We tried to make something that we connected with, and that hopefully our fans will like as well. But first and foremost, it's just something that we're proud of and feel good about.”, Torf.


With "I Want To Disappear", the band closes their new album with a soulful song that is sure to give you goosebumps when everyone sings along to it live. We can hardly wait to see the band live as soon as possible! If you can't wait, we recommend that you don't miss their upcoming tour with Angel Du$t , which will also take the band to Germany. Tickets are available here.


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