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Thornhill and their new EP "Butterfly

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


Recently Thornhill Her new single "Reptile" and already tomorrow on February 16 they will release their EP "Butterfly" afterwards. We my Immortals had the great honor to listen to the album in advance (Thanks Denise!).


With "Butterfly" In our opinion, the guys have created a small masterpiece and with UNFD would certainly have found a suitable label. But that this is the case Thornhill according to your statement probably already suspected before..... .


"We were wearing UNFD shirts in year 10 at our interschool battle of the bands. To get a signing offer three years later was absolutely surreal. We are equal parts nervous and excited to show everyone this release through a label that we've looked up to for years."


The band itself consists of Jacob Charlton (vocals), Ethan McCann (guitar), Ben Maida (Percussion), Nick Sjogren (bass) and Matt Van Duppen (guitar) and we can tell you, everything these guys touch seems to be crowned with success. Just a short time after their formation, they played their first tour with Hellions and soon after with bands like Architects and Northlane touring. Next you will be dealing with In Hearts Wake and Parkway Drive share a stage and we are sure, my Immortals, that this is just the beginning.


The sound of the album is difficult to describe, as it is characterized by its spherical sounds and the varied vocal interludes of Jacob is difficult to categorize. However, it is precisely this, an incomparable sound, i.e. its uniqueness, that we particularly like about the record.


"Butterfly" has real search potential in our opinion and should not be missing on any CD shelf. We definitely recommend buying the album and it's currently being played up and down in the studio. As soon as the guys are in the area, we will definitely take the opportunity to write a live report (and who knows, maybe even an interview) for you.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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