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Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay

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We couldn't imagine a better start to the week: Standing in the midst of a crowd who had all come there to celebrate the music of their favorite artists and loudly belt out songs like "I'm not okay" and "C'est la vie." This was our visit on a random Tuesday at Luxor, Cologne, where Weathers performed with musician K.Flay.


An experience we have to tell you about!


In the evening, when we arrived at the location, we were very pleased about the many spectators who had appeared. Already at the entrance it was full and should also fill until an hour before the start to the back of the bar. The first time we saw Weathers was with

Set It Off last year and were even more excited to see how the band would do on a smaller stage. With a new album in the bag, a signed contract with Sumerian Records and a European tour already completed, the conditions for the band could not have been better.

Touring as a band with the up-and-coming artist K.Flay made the whole thing a coherent musical concept that complemented each other in its contrasts as well as commonalities. For us it was nice to see that a band we have been following since its beginnings finally gets the recognition it deserves.

Unfortunately, we could not provide you with the appropriate pictures for this concert.The location had decided to let more visitors in, so that the crusher for the stage was pushed to the front and thus left no room for photographers.

Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay
Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay

The photographer of K.Flay was also faced with this challenge.


All the more detailed we want to tell you about the performance of both groups...


Into their concert started Weathers with one of the most popular songs from their new album. With "She hates me" the band got the attention of the audience for the first time and at the latest with the second song "Happy Pills" they were completely under their spell. To this, which was more or less an anthem of the band, the crowd went off, danced and sang to it. Weathers really got into the groove and danced light-footedly across the stage. It became an intense, personal party, where together the boring Tuesday was turned into an unforgettable Friday night.

The fans were in total ecstasy, singing along to the individual songs and proving to be confident with their lyrics even during newer pieces. The band also felt at home on stage and made jokes even during technical problems, which singer Cameron commented with the words "Well, it wouldn't be a Weather show if something doesn't go wrong".

Memories were made many times that evening, one that particularly stuck in our minds was when we sang "Where Do I Sign?" together with Weathers. The combination of the Hundred People and Cameron's voice alternating in the chorus... pure goosebumps! The band even changed their arrangement so that the chorus was sung more often. They also added a passage from the song "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots in the middle of it. Madness!

Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay
Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay

Songs like "I'm not okay" or "C'est La Vie" were of course not to be missed and formed a fitting conclusion of a concert that we will not forget easily.


For all the crazies and misfits was musician K.Flay in the second part of the evening there. With an incredible energy that we have hardly seen in a solo artist until now, the musician turned the stage into her own pit. K.Flay lived the music in these one and a half hours and discharged this passion in an athletic performance that made us sweat even while watching. The stage, you got the feeling, was just too small for her. But not only her performance was convincing, also musically she brought a good mix of known as well as new songs, which even in the rap passages some spectators

could sing along. Alternative rock met electro, pop, rap or indie. K.Flay also told a lot about her life and about experiences, heartbreak and thoughts she had, such as the Irish way of saying goodbye. In addition, the musician always provided suitable songs that could be loud, but also left room for the quieter tones. Her concert clearly showed that it is okay to swim against the norm and to be different: "Your weirdness is your superpower do not forget that".


Both bands picked us up that night and if the opportunity had been there, we would certainly have partied with them deep into the night. If you want to relive this experience, you should definitely stop by the next time they play near you.

Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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