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Exceptional artist Yungblud presents brand new single "Weird" + Insights into the "Yungblud Show".

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"Weird" - In the latest episode of his brand new "Yungblud Show"the musician surprises us with a special announcement: A new single is on the way.


The exceptional artist is known for his shrill and unconventional appearance, with which he particularly delights his fans. Yungblud stands for a voice of a new generation that rebels against norms and intolerance in society. The artist has been musically active since his early youth and conveys a sound to the listener that cannot be pigeonholed. Influenced by greats such as The Cure and David Bowie his sound can be found somewhere between pop, rock, punk and ska. All of this combines to create his distinctive musical style, which always promises a good mood. A versatile artist who we will be hearing a lot more from in the future.


In its new format "Yungblud Show" he invited many different artists to join him via video chat in the second episode and completed challenges with them. The conversation between him and Kelly Osbournein which they are represented by a non-profit organization called Center Points which supports homeless young people. In the video, donations were collected for this organization, particularly fueled by the Yungblud executed "Ice Bucket Challenge". He also played his part and donated a total of 5,000 pounds to Center Points.


Finally, the musician talked about his brand new single "Weird"is a fitting description for the ongoing situation we find ourselves in. With this song, he wants to draw attention to the fact that even if the world collapses on us, we should still stick together. Together we can get through even the worst of times. The musician continues:


"i wrote the song about the weirdest time in my life ever imaginable. it felt like the ground beneath me was a maze that was continually shape shifting and i felt like i was going to fall down the cracks all the time. however, i learnt something new about how the rest of my life was going to be. i pictured everything that i've seen and then everything i was going to see in a moment of vertigo. i accepted everything that was wrong with me and celebrated everything that was right and figured out that everything that was out of my control. the world feels exactly like that right now."


Curious? Then listen to his brand new song here "Weird" :



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