Pressure Phase release new single "We won't discuss"

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"We won't discuss" - Druckphase present new single

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"We won't discuss" - Druckphase leave no room for discussion with their latest single and bring a new listening experience to their listeners with their sound.


Their new single follows their well-known Alternative Metal sound, which likes to combine different genres to create something of their own. Like in their new song, where they once again include rap elements and combine this with a slightly melancholic piano playing. It is a song that has found a good balance between fast, harder passages without losing the energy in the rap parts. We especially like the bridge, which rounds off the song with its dynamics and connects it with the dystopian atmosphere that runs through Druckphase's tracks like a common thread.


We can only recommend the song here via Spotify or via other streaming platforms. If you want to hear more from the guys, we have a little tip for you: Their new single "Willst du mich" has also been released recently and ties in with "We won't discuss". You shouldn't miss it!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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