Druckphase announce their comeback with their new single "Mir geht es gut

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"Mir geht es gut" - Druckphase return with brand new single

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You could think that the guys do nothing else, because once you don't look, a new single is out. With "I am well" the band Pressure phase has announced a real wake-up call, which, on top of the singles already released, lets you dive deeper into their sonic universe and look forward to what hopefully is to come - An album? We will see.


Right from the start, the band takes you into a slightly spherical atmosphere, which quickly turns into an irrepressible mixture of insistent guitar riffs and tempo-setting drumming,supported by the words "I am well" sounding as a wake-up call. "I am wellLike the singles that have already been released, "The Last Days" has a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that runs through it like a common thread. You can look forward to strong alternative metal paired with a sound that is very clearly Pressure phase .


In their latest single, there is also a bit of social criticism, or criticism of religion. Practising a religion and doing things whose actions are not questioned and simply carried out just because someone or God says you should do it, is an easy way to blame it on the religion, especially with the consequences that follow. "I am well" shows that it is important not to act blindly, but also, whether religion or not, to think about it and take responsibility. Also, of course, to be self-aware. Since we also like to remain human beings "with a guilty conscience".


If you haven't seen the guys live yet, we recommend you do so at the Travo 61 Festival . In keeping with their motto, from friends for friends, the cult festival from Frechen will take place next weekend and will be hosted by Pressure phase , who opens punctually at 4 pm. You can find more information here: www.trafostation61.de


My Immortals, have you listened to it yet? If not, then definitely catch up and listen to their new single as well as the last ones they released. Absolutely recommended by us!


Photocredit: Druckphase


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