Ekkstacy releases his new album of the same name "Ekkstacy" on January 19, 2024

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Ekkstacy creates post-punk revolution with the release of his eponymous album on January 19

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There are not many musicians who manage to connect fans across different genres. One exception is the young musician Ekkstacy, who defies rigid conventions and goes his own way together with his fan community.


On January 19, they can look forward to a new album, which will be released under his eponymous stage name, "Ekkstacy".


Ekkstacy has a flair for weightless melodies, for lightness combined with melancholy and loneliness. Many emotions come together in his songs, which, despite their short length, always leave you with a different feeling: speechlessness, agitation, confidence or inner turmoil are mixed with his own version of post-punk and indie. Emotionalization is a strength that the musician has focused on over the last few works and is also present on his latest, "Ekkstacy, refined once again.


Refined means getting to know a version of the artist who has consolidated his sound and found his own style. On one hand Ekkstacy emphasizes his musical direction, on the other hand he reinforces the special features, the rough edges, in his sound, which he has personally honed. Expansive melodies are carried by warm guitar riffs that create a unique atmosphere. The musician's rough voice merges with the setting, creating a small universe of sound for each song, in which fast rhythms sometimes give way to soft tones. His sound is always complex and this is achieved solely through classical instruments such as guitar, drums or his voice. Chapeau, at this point.


The album was recorded with the producer Chris Coady, who also mixed the musician's previous records. Despite the released collab with Trippie Redd , fans can also look forward to a song with KID LAROI, which is already one of our favorites from the album. Furthermore there will be an upcoming tour in March, which brings the excitement to another level.


Tickets can be found here.


Ekkstacy has really created a genre-breaking, versatile work with this album that won't let you go so easily. Especially songs like "bella" or "problems" stay in your head, but also dystopian pieces like "headless horseman lost his way" , will definitely be streamed more than once. We can only recommend it and of course don't miss it - save the date: January 19!


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