Ekkstacy releases new single "Problems" featuring Trippie Red

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Ekkstacy releases new single "Problems" featuring Trippie Redd + music video

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"We wanted to play with the idea of success and happiness".


Recently, musician Ekkstacy released together with rapper Trippie Redd his new song "Problems". The duo, perhaps unusual at first glance, had already worked with drummer Travis Barker and have now teamed up again for this single. Ekkstacy thus gives after the release of his album "Misery" a comeback and sets at the same time with the release of the music video for "Problems" a sign in the music industry.


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The new single picks up on well known sounds of the artist, always moving between rap, pop, indie and alternative. The musician is known for bending and stretching genres, which he likes to combine to create his own sound. This time, too, new is combined with old in a familiar melancholy, creating a mixture that directly captivates you with its trance-like sound. Ekkstacy tells about the writing process:


It was fun to produce the song. It was made between 3 and 6 in the morning in Miami, just before I had to go to the airport. Trippie and I wrote and recorded the lyrics, the music comes from my German producer Mangetsu. We both grew up with Trippie's music, so we are happy to have a song with him now.


In the music video, other extremes collide: stereotypes from hip-hop or rap videos are set against the melancholy, sensitive melody. This already becomes clear with the arrival of the musician at the swanky estate, where he drives up in a fancy car. But also the dancers who perform in the music video play with the cliché. The whole scene seems disillusioned and involuntary, makes the viewer rethink and holds up a mirror to society. The interaction of the music and the scenes once again illustrates the multifaceted nature of Ekkstacy, an aspiring musician who still has a lot to tell.


About the video says director Gilbert Trejo:


Stacy and I wanted to play with the idea of success and happiness, and that one doesn't always come with the other. What we want and what we get, what is expected of us and who we are. Once we knew what we wanted, it was incredibly fun to come up with the sunny, happy, playful imagery for a song that would fit on a playlist with 'Between the Bars' or 'No Name #1'.


Fittingly, the new single is followed by a major tour announcement with stops at well-known festivals such as Reading and Leeds. Also in Germany will Ekkstacy play some venues and maybe bring one or the other new song with him. Until then we recommend you listen to "Problems" or to watch the music video:



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Photocredit: Jason Nocito

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