Fall Out Boy announce new album "Mania

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Fall Out Boy release their new album "Mania" on 19 January ++ On tour in Germany from 08 January

On 19 January Fall Out Boy will release their new album "M A N I A" and will present it live in Germany in advance. A first opportunity to hear the new songs from "M A N I A" live is the show on 8 January at Berlin's Lido. There are few bands that manage to lean far out of the genre window musically, while at the same time remaining completely true to their own sound.


After a spectacular four-predecessor album, on 19. January he complete new work of Patrick Stump (Vocals/Guitar), Pete Wentz (Bass), Joe Trohman (Guitarre) and Andy Hurley (drums) will be released. The Grammy-nominated band from Chicago presents "M A N I A" ", the Grammy-nominated band from Chicago presents the follow-up to their platinum-winning album "American Beauty/American Psycho", which went straight to No. 1 on the US Billboard charts. Here in Germany, the album stormed up to number 12 in the album charts.


Press release: Universal Music Group

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