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In interview with Nothing More

Hi and welcome to Lila's interview!


As have already announced Nothing More answered some questions about you and the new album.


A huge thanks for this to the guys from Nothing More and to Yassi who initiated the whole thing! We hope you like it and wish you a lot of fun with the interview:


LILA: On September 15 you will release your new album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves". What can your fans expect?


JONNY: You can expect a trip that will take you from an adrenaline-fueled high back to the depths of self-reflection. The album explores new ground musically without losing the actual backbone of Nothing More. In doing so, it is both heavy and soft.


LILA: The cover of "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" shows a white person whose eyes are enveloped by black hands. What is the intention behind this?


JONNY: Often the stories we tell ourselves are unconscious narratives that we follow like moths to a flame. In the process, reality not infrequently blinds us, although it is in front of us. The black hands symbolize the concept coined by Carl Jung as the psychic "shadow".


LILA: Your new album is full of different styles. From electronic beats to blatant screams. When you look back to your first album and at the same time to the one you are releasing now: What do you think has changed in your musical style?


MARK: That's a good question. I'm really proud of all the sound exploration we did while creating this new album. This is probably one of the best things about producing an album yourself. You're symbolically following the rabbit trail in search of what you really need. When you pay for studio time, you typically don't have time to really discover it because every second costs you money. That's why it's really nice to have that luxury (of self-production)!


I think the answer to your question is ripe. It feels to me like we are the same progressive alternative rock band we have always been. I don't think our music has really changed. We still have fun making music creatively. We still challenge ourselves to incorporate other genres of music into our style and are still proud of our lyrics. So if anything has changed, it's that we've matured. What I mean by that is that we've all been through hard times that have made their way into our lyrics and made us grow as musicians and as people. The new album is therefore only the next chapter of the Nothing More Saga.


LILA: Your song "Go To War" is part of the official Planet of the Apes trailer. How did it come about?


BEN: This all happened very quickly and surprised us too! We just released the song and in the same week we received an email from our publisher telling us that there was a possibility for the song to be released in the new Planet of the Apes trailer. We were all very surprised, but we didn't really realize it until we saw the trailer for the first time. It was a really cool thing for all of us.


LILA: What is important to you when making music?


MARK: We all have a "chills" test for our music. We try to make sure that each of our songs reaches you emotionally, gives you goosebumps and makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Music has changed us all and we believe we are destined to carry on that legacy. If we can do for others what other bands and their music have done for us before us, then we are successful. It's fun to make music together as a team and of course we feel amazing when we hear the crowd screaming back our lyrics. But at the end of the day, I know that my soul longs to help others through our music and maybe give them a shelter for the storm. So it's no wonder that our first album is called "Shelter".


LILA: Nothing More has existed for several years and has experienced many things together. What were the best and what were the worst moments you experienced together as a band


DANIEL: I would say the best thing we experienced together as a band was when we got to open a big festival on the smallest stage, and then were asked to play the main stage in front of 20,000 people at 4pm the next day. We had no contract at the time and drove all the way to Sacramento "rubbing elbows" with random people. The promoters of the festival saw the first set we played and were so excited that they put us in the prime slot for the second day. The quiet buzz that exploded that day made us, a rather unknown unsigned band, get offers overnight from almost every label that produces rock music. As we rolled our van into the parking lot, it literally broke apart and we knew it had to be destiny and that fate had brought us here.


The worst experience was when we drove all the way to New York City for a label showcase. We were so psyched because such an event had never happened to us before and we were all ready to go all out as a band to bring ourselves to a new level. All in all it felt like we played really well but we got a unanimous "no" from every label on site. We were really bummed. Adding salt to the wound was the fact that when we were leaving town, the same van suffered a turbo problem and it took us 30 hours to get home at no more than 50 mph. I don't remember any of the band talking a word the whole way home.


LILA: Our studio is a fan of your song "Go To War". Tell us something about it.


MARK: I'm so glad you guys like the song! We are very proud of "Go To War". It has that timeless retro riff mixed with current electronic sounds. It feels to me like we nailed it, with something very familiar yet unique.


This song is very personal for me. When we wrote this song, I asked the guys what our torsion would be on it. We didn't want to write a song purely about war, so we asked ourselves, "What if it's about going to war with the ones you love the most?" I remember then tightening up the question to, "What if it's about going to war safely with the people you love?". I know that sounds ironic because no one wants to do it, but this is the idea behind it! Sometimes you have to fight with each other for a relationship and at the end of the day be sure you did the right thing because you both vowed to never leave each other and the relationship. For me it is very personal because this is something my wife has said to me over and over again. Sometimes you have to go to war with the ones you love.


LILA: If you had the chance to meet your personal idol: Who would it be and what would you like to do with him or her?


BEN: I would love to hang out with Neil Degrasse Tyson and listen to him talk about the universe and everything he knows about it all day long.


LILA: Many people do sports, read books or listen to music in their free time. What do you do in your free time?


MARK: I love to play video games in my free time. When we're on tour, I like to sit in my seat on the bus during the ride and get lost in the video game for a bit. I also like to try new types of beer! Another benefit of touring and getting around a lot is that you get to try a lot of different beers that most people don't even get to see! Lastly, I am happily married and have a wonderful son. When we are not on tour I spend all my time with them and enjoy having them in my life. They are my everything.


LILA: Last but not least.... is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?


NOTHING MORE: Thank you!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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