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Lizzy Farrall releases latest work "Bruise" + video

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Last seen on the Tiny Moving Parts Concert in Cologne, now released, the young emerging artist Lizzy Farrallher debut album. Already at the concert, the musician left a really good impression on us, which is why this review was at the top of our list. My Immortals, that awaits you with Lizzy's latest work "Bruise".


Born in England, the young artist grew up in Chester, where she was home-schooled along with her five siblings. Already in early childhood she wrote Lizzy her own songs and was supported by a wide variety of musicians such as The Story So Far, Jimmy Eat World or Damien Rice influenced. At the age of 16 she decided to pursue music, studied in college and signed her first contract with the hardcore label Pure Noise Records about which her latest work also appears.


Things couldn't be going better.


"Bruise" is the name of the debut album of the English singer/songwriter and extends over a length of ten songs. In her pieces treats Lizzy especially themes like trust, self-acceptance and one's own mental health and combines this with a fresh indie rock sound. Their music is very diverse and uses various elements from the pop as well as alternative rock area. Diverse, colorful and definitely freedom-loving, that's the best way to describe their sound. The special thing about Lizzy's Music is this honesty, which she transports through her songs to the listener. She does not pretend and brings a natural sound that spreads good mood. Especially songs like "Games" or "Knocked For Six" are real earworms and should not be missing on your playlist, especially in this weather! To "Knocked For Six" the singer reveals the following:


Knocked For Six' is probably the most personal song on the album. It is about surviving the conflict between wanting to fit-in and knowing that the people you're falling-in with aren't healthy to be around. This is something I struggled with for several years during my teens, where I was seen as being an outsider - the weird kid who didn't go to school and didn't dress like anyone else - and my attempts to make friends and be accepted mostly led to being taken advantage of and judged".


At present Lizzy not on tour, but if they play near you, we recommend you to visit them! - Here is our impression from a Lizzy Farrall Concert.


If you don't know the young artist yet, you should definitely watch her music video for "Gas Lighting" here:



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