Midsummer Festival, these are this year's headliners

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These are the headliners of this year's festival+ highlights!

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


Electro and metal? A somewhat unusual combination, you might think, but one that is firmly rooted in the scene, especially with bands like Enter Shikari with their trancecore or even While She Sleeps and their latest work "Sleeps Society" . So it stands to reason that the Midsummer Festival gives this unequal connection a stage to celebrate it.


For the start of the festival we want to bring you a little closer and start here with the headliners. You will get more insights and news from us in the next weeks, so stay tuned!


From Weil am Rhein in southern Baden, Destruction make their debut as one of the oldest as well as best-known trash metal bands, joining the likes of Kreator and Sodom. With a long career and a new album in the luggage, you can look forward to a band that after 40 years of band history is far from thinking about quitting, but is just getting started.


Another act that should not be missing in this line-up is Dark Tranquillity. The band is one of the creators of melodic death metal and was formed in 1989. Initially located in the trash metal, the band developed its own style and is one of the musicians of the Gothenburg school of melodic death metal, along with In Flames, At The Gates and Soilwork . With twelve studio albums and winning the 2021 Swedish Grammy in the hard rock/metal category, Dark Tranquillity is a must-see band at the festival.


Lacuna Coil joins the other headliners. As one of the best-known metal bands from Italy, which has made a name for itself across national borders in both alternative metal and gothic metal, the band is definitely an act worth seeing, and one we are particularly looking forward to. With more than two million albums sold and a loyal fanbase, Lacuna Coil promises a performance that won't make them one of the biggest in their genre for nothing.


The Midsummer Festival brings together on the Neuhardenberg airfield different bands, nationally and internationally and combines these individual musical styles on one stage. A band that contributes to this series of different sounds, the rock, is Kärbholz. With a slight punk attitude and German lyrics, Kärbholz is one of the representatives of freedom-loving rock, which definitely speaks for itself with several chart placements. The guys won't stand still on stage, that's for sure.


The best always comes at the end, they say so well, and maybe it's true with Nazareth . A band that made history with unmistakable global hits like "Love Hurts" and belongs to the first wave of hard rock giants, gives the honor to inaugurate the first Midsummer in June. The band sold 60 million albums over their career and paved the way for many other musicians with their sound. Such an act should not be missed and is on our bucket list of rock bands that we have long wanted to see.


We hope that our short overview of the headliners has made you even more eager for the festival in the middle of the summer. Our crew is looking forward to seeing you there! Tickets are available here: Midsummer.net


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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