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Mighty Oaks release video for "Raise A Glass"

The Mighty Oaks have dedicated an atmospheric video to their festival summer: On Monday, the indie folk band released a clip, directed by Bruno Jubin, for "Raise A Glass"which shows the guys on the tour bus, backstage and at their performances at this year's Feel Festival and in the Kulturzelt Kassel.


Watch the video for "Raise A Glass" here


"Raise A Glass" is a song from the second album released in March Mighty Oaks-Album "Dreamers" and has the potential to become the absolute Lagefeuer anthem. The content of the track is at the same time an ode to friendship, but also a farewell song in the spirit of "Auld Lang Syne".


"Dreamers" was able to place in the iTunes charts in several countries, including Denmark, Austria, Holland, Canada, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway and Italy, and made it into the Top20 of the official charts in Germany.


Even though the three musicians now live in Berlin, their sound not only meets international standards, they themselves are a prime example of musical globalization: The US-American Ian Hooper, the Italian Claudio Donzelli and the Briton Craig Saunders have been a well-rehearsed team since 2009 and, at the latest since the release of their debut album "Howl" It is no longer possible to imagine the musical landscape without it.


Who after the video to "Raise A Glass" Got the desire to Mighty Oaks has the opportunity to do so not only at the remaining open air dates, but also thanks to the just announced new tour dates in the fall and winter.


Press release: Universal Music Group

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