Palaye Royale release new ep "Sextape"

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Palaye Royale unveil their most personal work: New EP "Sextape" released

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


Surprise! On December 8, Palaye Royale surprised everyone with a new EP. The alt-rock trio have been hinting at something since last month and have now confirmed this with the release of their record "Sextape", which features five songs and is one of the band's most intimate and personal works.


A "sex tape" is something that records a special moment between two people and is therefore very private. It creates a dialog between the two people, which they keep to themselves. Palaye Royale want to have this dialog and present a direct and blunt collection of songs that, similar to the first song "Stripped", reveal individual emotions bit by bit. Dark, raw and mysterious, the band talks about desire, inner conflict and self-perception.


“Sextape is that moment in time of complete ecstasy where the world and the problems that it holds falls by the waistline. Where you can forget who you are and enjoy pleasure.”


Musically, Palaye Royale relies on their unmistakable alt rock sound, which they once again combine with such an adeptness in which the listener is captivated by their involuntary and sinister atmosphere. From soft tones accompanied by Remington's voice alone, to electro leading into melancholic piano playing: Accompanied at all times by their unmistakable cinematic rock sound, fans can look forward above all to a versatile work where the band shows a willingness to experiment. We can particularly recommend the song "Season Of The Witch", which is one of our favorites on the album. The band explains the creation process:


“Making this record felt like getting back to when we first fell in love with music.This record is very much about self-belief and self-empowerment, and overcoming all the obstacles that life throws at you. It’s the first time we’ve really taken a hopeful approach in our music.”


Palaye Royale have completely exceeded our expectations with this surprise. Not only have they remained true to themselves, but they also show new and unusual sides of themselves, which they present in a very intimate atmosphere.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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