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Papa Roach & Jeris Johnson surprise with "Last Resort (reloaded)" for the twentieth anniversary of the classic album

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Almost twenty years ago, Papa Roach achieved what most artists long for: With their song "Last Resort" they succeeded in creating an anthem that not only inspires fans from the metal and rock scene, but has also gained recognition across genres, worldwide. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary Papa Roach celebrate this appropriately and are launching a new edition of "Last Resort" with newcomer Jeris Johnson.


Growing up with musical parents, both of whom played in bands, is Jeris came into contact with music at an early age and sat down at the piano at the age of three. In his early youth, he played in a band and taught himself to produce in order to develop his music further. Influenced by greats such as Papa Roach or Nirvana he created his own style of music, which he called "Future Grunge" and consists of various genres such as alternative, rock, trap and Soundcloud rap. It doesn't exactly sound like a combination that fits together, but his recently released EP "My Sword" he proves all skeptics wrong.


Together with him Papa Roach brought the well-known classic into 2021 and reissued it in a completely new version. The special thing about it is that the focus is not only on the band's own style or the song, but also Jeris himself has added his own touch, which makes the whole thing a complete package that we listen to up and down in the editorial office. It's more modern, fresher and yet it brings back a bit of nostalgia for the moment when you first heard the song. To the "Last Resort (reloaded)" Version narrated Jacoby following:


"It was amazing to hear that Jeris feels connected to the song in the same way that many people around the world do. "Last Resort" has never been completely out of the conversation for the last 20 years and its impact on so many different people is still not fading. We're really fired up to "reload" the song for a new generation now to continue that dialog."


My Immortals, be warned! This is just one of three different versions of the classic "Last Resort" and marks the beginning of an incredible year with many surprises, including a brand new album from the band. We'll tell you who the other bands/artists are for the other versions of the song another time 😉 We'll be sure to let you know when the time comes.



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