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The end of the world is coming: Shading release fitting soundtrack with "The Vanishing Of Our Lore".

Hey my Immortals and welcome to Lila's review!


"The world is coming to an end on 12th October. To join the rebellion, follow this link and see if you have what it takes". - On a Friday afternoon, we received this news. The battle for our planet has begun - My Immortals, will you be a part of the rebellion?


This post-apocalyptic call was created by the band Shading started to ring in their latest work in a fitting manner. With the 'Terminal' fans of the guys can answer questions that concern the band and in the case of a match, that is, a pass of the 'Rebellion tests', there is an insight into the new disc. Of course, we also participated and passed. A really cool idea, which we have not come across before. Try it out once - Shading - Terminal


The freshly christened disc is entitled "The Vanishing Of Our Lore" and contains nine songs. Futuristic and wrapped in the style of a dystopian cyber - punk revolution, the disc is oriented to films like Ghost In The Shell or Blade Runner. The whole thing was produced by Ermin Hamidovichwhich among other things also with Periphery collaborated. The up-and-coming Italian metal band shows with their debut album that they definitely have the potential to go far. We particularly like the doomsday mood, which runs through the entire album. Also the implementation of the theme inspires us very much and gets a chapeau from our magazine!


Melodic and dynamic stands out "The Vanishing Of Our Lore" as a work that combines many different elements. From quiet to loud parts, spherical sounds or impressive guitar solos: Shading has done a really good job, which you like to listen to a second time. One of our absolute highlights is the song "Lore". With a powerful first scream singer Damiano tunes into the song. Characterized by a dynamic as well as fast sound, is "Lore" a welcome change from the gray weather, which is why we especially recommend this song to you.


At the moment the guys are not on tour, however we would recommend you Shading live - It's worth it! definitely keeps you up to date and looking forward to more apocalyptic soundtracks from Shading 😉


Here is their brand new music video for "The Scent":



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Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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