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Nothing More ignite musical firework with new album "Carnal" - Our "Album Of The Month"

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There are hardly any words that can describe this band and their music. A band that moves millions of people with its unmistakable sound and gives modern rock a voice. With their music, Nothing More have created something that doesn't need to be described, but felt, that doesn't ask, but burns inside you.


Now the boys are releasing their new album "Carnal" this Friday, unleashing the aforementioned emotional chaos that I would like to warmly recommend to you today.


Our "Album Of The Month" for June!


Nothing More have managed to complete their latest album in the last two years despite their own tour, a move and many changes in the members' private lives. With "Carnal", they once again present a concept album that accompanies you through four phases: From "| Carnal |" to "| Head |", "| Heart |" to "| Sight |" and "| Sound |". These interludes separate the individual songs from each other, which in turn deal with their own themes, such as "| Head |" and "Existential Dread" (an absolute recommendation!). Each of these phases deals with specific perceptions and conveys its own messages. While "| Heart |" offers more emotional pieces that encourage you to keep going, "| Sight |" is a kind of self-reflection. The individual phases and symbols reflect the psychometric markers that Johnny used in his Spirits Test in the last album.


Musically, their sound on "Carnal" is more focused than on "Spirits", which was particularly captivating with its twists and surprises. In "Carnal", Nothing More let their sound resound from a new perspective, as Johnny aptly describes it:


“We wanted to go back to our roots a little bit on this one and see what that sounds like in 2024. SPIRITS was an introspective, deep dive. We wanted this one to feel immediate. CARNAL is a bit harder and more guitar-driven. There’s still a lot of depth in the musicality. We maintain the niche, fringe, progressive elements, but we also made sure every chorus is a banger.”


Authentic, intense and always demanding, "Carnal" is a musical firework that captivates until the very last second. The thoughtful arrangements and powerful melodies immerse the listener in an emotional rollercoaster ride and impressively demonstrate why Nothing More are among the best in the genre. This album is a must for anyone who wants to feel music, not just hear it.


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