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Interview with Apollo from We Sell The Dead - All about their new album and more!

Hi and welcome to Lila's interview!


On this legendary "METAL Wednesday" our studio has once again a new interview for you. This time we had the chance to talk to Apollo from We Sell The Dead and learned a lot about the band, their music and much more... But see for yourself!


LILA: On February 23rd you will release your new album "Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full". Our studio fortunately had the chance to listen to it in advance and is so excited that we decided to write a review about the album. But could you tell our Immortals in advance, in your own words, what they can expect with "Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full"?


APOLLO: Over the years many fantastic bands have influenced us with their music, "Heaven Is Full And Hell Doesn't Want You" is a mixture of all this great music, which we have matched to it. All the ideas that were hidden in our heads and in our souls we put together and invented a new approach. From the beginning Jonas and Niclas had the basic idea, which the rest of us followed.


It's hard melancholic, really melancholic metal. With LOTS of guitar and vocal harmonies. It sounds good to us and we are very proud of it!


LILA: Your album cover, the three music videos and the whole concept for the album are pretty special. Especially the video concept is not common for metal videos. Tell us, how was the work together with Dan Lindhs and how did you come up with the idea for the concept?


APOLLO: For some of us Dan Lindh is an old friend. He imagined that exactly 200 years ago there was a visual and dark world in which music expressed many things more intensely. The idea was to put together a story connected with music. He did an amazing job. Nobody can imagine how much body and soul he put into it. He often called us in the middle of the night and asked for advice, even though he was quite tired at the time.


LILA: In our research we didn't find any concert dates, so we would like to know if you are touring soon and where. Is there a chance to see you play in Germany in the near future?


APOLLO: We would love to come to Germany and present our songs there. As soon as someone invites us to Germany we will be on our way ....


LILA: If you had the chance to jam with the person of your choice, who would it be and what song would you like to perform with him or her?


APOLLO: That's a tough question. I mean it's not easy if you had the chance to choose one from all the good musicians. Who would I choose? Why not the Beatles?


LILA: You have all played in different bands. Explain, how did you come together? And what was the main reason why you decided to form We Sell The Dead?


APOLLO: We have known each other for a very long time. Niclas Jonas and I are old friends and together we have recorded A LOT in the past years. We have always had fun and felt very comfortable. Also, we've been jamming a lot, so song ideas are bound to come up. It's been great. But we didn't do anything else with our songs, we just put them in a "box". That was it. But we had always had the dream of recording our own album since then, but it was never the right time. When we talked about "real songs", either we didn't have all of them available or we weren't supported by a good company. However, all that counts to get an engine running. The songs on our debut album are totally new, we didn't take anything from our demos.


LILA: How did you come to call your band We Sell The Dead? What was the intention behind it?


APOLLO: The name We Sell The Dead came about as the concept developed. I mean, it's exactly what our characters do in the videos. The band name was kind of the backbone for the whole story.


LILA: In the booklet of "Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full" it says that Claudio Escodero inspired you for your visual leitmotif. In which points and how?


APOLLO: Niclas showed Dan the picture of Claudio that ended up in the booklet. For him it triggered the inspiration for the film, which is expressed in the aesthetics and darkness of the world.


LILA: Where do you see We Sell The Dead in 5 years? And what are your plans for the future?


APOLLO: Our plans are to continue making this kind of music and of course to tour and play festivals. We are looking forward to seeing how our music develops over the years.


LILA: Finally, would you like to say a few "last" words to your fans and our Immortals (readers)?


APOLLO: We're pretty excited to see how you'll react to our new album and we really hope you'll like it since it's a bit different. Hopefully, when the time comes, we'll see each other out there again soon.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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