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Interview with Henrik from Indecent Behavior + Insights about the new album, the band and more!

Hi and welcome to Lila's interview!


May 12 is the day and Indecent Behavior release their brand new album "Therapy In Melody"which will be released into the world with a proper mix of pop punk and alternative rock. Before the release we took the opportunity to talk to singer Henrik about the band, the release of their new album and much more. You can read the result below


At this point: A big thank you to Niels from Oktober Promotion & Henrik from Indecent Behavior!


Lila: First question: How are you?


Henrik: Moin Lila,

we are doing wonderful! We are really looking forward to the album, the tour and the festivals! I hope everything is good with you too.


Lila: Sure! Your band has been around for quite a long time and surely there are one or two memories you have made together. What would you say was the best and what was the worst thing you have experienced together as a band?


Henrik: There are so many stories... I think the best was our support tour with Saltatio Mortis. We were allowed to play on huge stages in some of the most famous German concert halls. That was a very cool experience!


The worst was definitely (as I think for every band) the lockdown. We were so looking forward to our first headline tour, which unfortunately fell through.


Lila: On May 12th it's finally time for your latest album "Therapy in Melody" with which you deliver a colorful mixture of pop punk, alternative rock as well as catchy melodies. When you think back to your first record and compare it to this one, what has changed for you?


Henrik: Some! At that time everything was very rough and there was quite a lot of anger in us that had to come out somehow. The lockdown and the increasing age has made us think a bit though. We don't want to be so angry anymore, haha.


We wanted to give the world a piece of hope and bring some positivity into this crisis-ridden world.


Musically, of course, an extreme amount has happened. During our first record I listened to a lot of metal and hardcore, which definitely affected our music. In the meantime, I'm back to 2000s Cali pop-punk. I think that's why our music became a bit more melodic again.


Lila: In your new album "Therapy in Melody" you process different topics, which go over the own luck, hope up to self-confidence, where straight songs like "Show me what you got" shine. What message do you want to convey to your fans with your new album?


Henrik: You are not alone and "being different" is not bad. The world can often be frightening and scary. We want to offer people a home with our new record. A kind of lighthouse that shows the way, even if it often looks like there is no land in sight far and wide.


And no matter what others say: You are valuable and good just the way you are!


Lila: Imagine if you had the opportunity and could change one thing in this world, what would it be?


Henrik: Never again wars and violence!


Lila: Is there a song on your new album that you are particularly looking forward to releasing? And if so, which one?


Henrik: For me personally, that would be "To Hell And Back". A very melodic song that describes my love for music. Even if it is not directly the music for other people, I think many can connect something with it.


In the rehearsal room it already makes a lot of fun and is just waiting to be played live!


Lila: Looking at your tour, it's clear that you have a lot planned for the summer: concerts in Frankfurt, Leipzig etc. as well as festival appearances at festivals like Open Flair. With the new album in the bag, what can fans expect on your upcoming tour and what are you looking forward to the most?


Henrik: Our concerts are always like big family celebrations. We are so excited to see everyone again, meet new people and forget everything around us together.


Lila: Last but not least: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?


Henrik: If you don't have any plans for May and June, feel free to come by on tour for a drink at the merch! We are looking forward to it!


Tickets for the tour can be found here:


Photocredit: Simon Volz


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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