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In the interview with Severed Sun

Morning and welcome to Lila's interview!


It's getting warmer, the temperatures are rising and summer is gradually arriving - sounds nice, doesn't it? But such a circumstance also needs a certain sound and that's where the guys from Severed Sun into play:
We had the honor of conducting a short interview with them and were able to learn a lot about the band and their music. But read for yourself....


Here is the German version, you can find the original below... Have fun! 😉


LILA: We have asked our Immortals whether they Severed Sun but only a few people know you. We really want to change this, because we think more people should know the sound of Severed Sun know. Tell us, for someone who doesn't know your band, how would you describe your music?


SEVERED SUN: We are a solid metal band, not speed or death metal, but not sludge either. If anything, we sound like Black Sabbathas if they were just starting out. Heavy, with a good solid hook and a powerful voice. Heavy but audible.


LILA: And what is your reason for making music?


SEVERED SUN: Well, we spend all our money on great equipment, so we should put it to good use! 🙂 Just kidding... We make music because we enjoy the creative process of it and we want to create something that our fans and all the metal fans out there can enjoy.


LILA: If you had the chance to jam with one of your favorite musicians: Who would it be and which song would you like to reinterpret with him/her?


SEVERED SUN: That's a tough question, and I'm sure everyone in the band would have a different answer. I think most of us would Dimebag because it would be cool to jam with someone of his caliber. He has the same passion and love for music that we have!


LILA: When I was looking for the founding year of Severed Sun I noticed that your Facebook page has been up since 2006, which leads me to conclude that you've probably been together for more than a decade.... That's longer than some marriages. When was Severed Sun founded?


SEVERED SUN: Severed Sun was founded a long time ago, but has only existed and played in this constellation for 7 or 8 years.


LILA: What was the worst and best experience you've had together as a band?


SEVERED SUN: Best experience? Probably the new EP "Strength Judged by Power" to be included.


Worst experience? That's hard.... We played some shows that had "bad power" and our equipment got damaged. Those are not good memories. But all in all, I would say the time we lost band members. You get to know people, as musicians and as friends, and then things change, that can be a real setback.


LILA: If you had to choose one of your songs to present your band to someone who doesn't know you, which one would it be?


SEVERED SUN: I think "Strength Judged by Power". It has a little bit of everything that we do and it's one of our favorite songs to perform live.


LILA: When we started our new format, our goal was to find something new to support bands who love their job on stage and their music in a special way. You said in an interview that Severed Sun "4 guys who love music and give their all on stage", that was one of the reasons why we want to continue working with you in the future. Where do you want to Severed Sun in the next three years?


SEVERED SUN: On a world tour supporting our second album.


LILA: Is there a particular place or country where you would like to perform? And if so, why?


SEVERED SUN: Japan for sure. None of us have ever played there or been there, and the Japanese metal scene is really strong. Anyway, we enjoy playing wherever there are metal fans!!!


LILA: You sent us some pictures from your shows in America and we realized that you have quite "exclusive" merchandise. Who of you came up with the idea of making Severed Sun panties? I've never seen that before!


SEVERED SUN: Hahaha! That would be Rodour singer. Actually the idea came from a fan who likes to cosplay at some of our shows, and from other fans, ladies, who said that if we did them, they would wear them too .... but Rod has made this possible!


LILA: We have a certain ritual that we perform before we go on stage. Do you have any rituals before you perform?


SEVERED SUN: Does drinking count? Hahaha. No, I wouldn't say we do that. We just come there, mentally prepared, know our parts and give 110%. Then we relax and enjoy the bands that play after us, if any are there, and talk to fans.


LILA: Finally, would you like to say something to your fans and our Immortals?


SEVERED SUN: Absolutely! We want to thank all our fans, old and new... And we want to invite all those who love to listen to metal to check us out. We hope that you and everyone else will get to hear and see more from us soon.


Image source: Severed Sun


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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