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Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth release Simple Creatures debut "Strange Love" under joint project

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For a good sound there is always the right mixture: Take a pinch of pop punk and mix it with dynamic riffs. Then a cup of originality is added and the whole thing is put on the market in the form of an EP. My Immortals, let me introduce to you. The brand new disc from Simple Creatures"Strange Love"!


Present dewy Mark Hoppus (Blink182) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) their new project Simple Creatures the masses. The two, who have been friends for years, found time between tour stress and the obligations to their own band, to tackle a joint project. With a lot of good humor in the luggage developed Simple Creatures a young as well as modern sound. The brand new record includes six songs and is characterized by an intense as well as energetic atmosphere, which should not be missing at any celebration. The following tells Mark to the process of "Strange Love" and its eponymous title song:


"The song was created in studios and rehearsal basements around Los Angeles; we deliberately wanted to move in musical directions that were new to us and therefore so exciting. We used completely new recording techniques, completely stripping the songs down to their basic framework, and finally putting them together in a completely new way to create a real Frankenstein monster."


Creative and relaxed, the new disc is an EP, which as intended, offers a completely new insight into the world of the two musicians. Especially songs like "Drug" take a new and unusual direction, which we like very much nevertheless. That is why "Drug" our highlight on the new disc. Loud and uneven, the song is characterized mainly by its catchy sound, which can quickly move you along. Simple Creatures sings here about things that you desire, but can affect you negatively.


Us has "Strange Love" enthusiastic. A great EP, which we highly recommend to you!


Here the music video for "Drug":



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