The Midsummer Festival from Neuhardenberg Berlin

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The Midsummer Music Festival announces itself with an insane line-up!

Hi and welcome to Lila's news!


The Midsummer Festival, which will take place for the first time in Berlin next year, is already deep in the preparations for an incredible three days in the summer. The new Metal & Electro Festival is organized by Voices Of The Street and Coletti Vision, who have come up with an exciting concept for the coming year, which we will report to you regularly from now on.


From June 24 to 26, 45 international bands from a variety of genres from rock to metal to electro will perform on the grounds of Neuhardenberg Airport. Three days filled with a diverse repertoire of music styles which will give the festival visitors a unique experience. But not only the mixture of Rock Metal and Electro make the Midsummer something very special, also with the choice of the location Voices Of The Street and Coletti Vision have chosen with the Airport Neuhadenberg a venue that underlines the unique format again and creates by its spaciousness an ideal atmosphere for such an event.


2 genres, two stages


At the Eletro Stage well-known artists perform, who travel to Berlin from all over the world for this event. The first headliners are already known and with Nitzer EBB the Midsummer shows right away that it has the ambition to play something at the top. Besides Nitzer EBB, Faderhead, Assemblage 23 and [:SITD:] have also been confirmed for the festival.


On the Metal Stage it will be really cult with the headliners Nazareth, Primal Fear and U.D.O, who will share the stage with newcomers like Venues, Last Days Of Eden and Eyes Wide Open. This mixture of international greats as well as young up-and-coming bands is exactly what makes the Midsummer so interesting. The line-up with its diverse mix already shows a strong start in the first year of the festival and points out where Midsummer wants to go in the next years. To this great line-up, of which we have just listed a few bands, many more bands will be added in the near future, about which we will of course report to you.


With this festival, the organizers want to create a place for visitors to forget their everyday worries for a bit and celebrate together with others what brings them together: music! We are sure that with such an international lineup, festival-goers will travel from all over Germany and certainly beyond to celebrate the performing acts with a cool drink and in a sweaty crowd. That my Immortals sounds like a festival right up our alley. On the site itself, it's easy to "kick back" away from the music in the adjacent camping area, and for those who might have overdone it a bit in the evening, there's even breakfast on site in the morning. Of course, the obligatory merchandise and various food stalls will not be missing, so that you can stock up or strengthen yourself for the next rounds in the pit.


The tickets are available at a festival price of 85€, which you should pre-order as soon as possible, because we are sure that the tickets will be sold out quite quickly at such a price.


One Euro from each ticket sold to the organization "One For The Planet." The link to this is available here.


My Immortals, we will definitely be there next summer and hope to see some of you there. Until then, we will keep you up to date with the latest news and insights into the festival. Be curious & stay stuned!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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