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Seven Stories High "Deadweight" Album

It's Tea Time, welcome to Alice Review!


Two authors = more reviews = more fun and that's why we're now upping the ante and bringing you a new review of a new EP. This time it is about the EP from Seven Stories High named "Deadweight" with a lot of good pieces. The first Apathy, my personal favorite of the EP, you can also listen to it directly here:



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The 5 band members of the french group are Kallum Brain (the bass player), Dave Bevan (the drummer), Rhys Hyett-Ferrier (the singer) and Matt Davies and Charlie Porter (who both play guitar). Each of your songs the guys have written themselves and to Apathy is back with Alex-Jay also shot a super music video at the same time. The four songs, Apathy, Midas, Hoax and Alchemy Part 1, which together form the Ep are on 24 November 2017 appeared and on .


The songs are primarily about letting go and letting your happiness come first. In this they were strongly inspired by King Midas with the story of the golden touches, which primarily deals with the problems of mental health and how this can change the view on certain things. Their songs are very different in this regard and thus appeal to a large mass of people. On the one hand there is a fast beat and the PoP/Punk feeling makes you just go for the music, dance and jump around but on the other hand there are deep songs that encourage you to sing along or are inspirational in certain life situations. All in all it's a great EP that I also like to listen to ūüôā


If that's not enough for you, you can also just stalk the guys on their social networks here:


Facebook: Seven Stories High

Twitter: 7storieshigh


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