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Switchfoot celebrate 25 years of band history with brand new album "Interrobang"

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Today we started the day with a sound that not only puts you in a good mood, but also celebrates 25 years of band history of a special act that one or the other of you has been following since hour zero. It's an album that, we can tell you this much in advance, you won't be able to put down in a hurry.


Raw, uneven and original - look forward to "Interrobang" from Switchfoot.


Swichtfoot has really achieved everything you could wish for in a long career as a musician: Several platinum awards, hit singles, a worldwide fan base and, of course, a Grammy for their music should not be missing from this list. After ten albums, they have really achieved everything that many bands or artists can only dream of and have worked their way up from a small band from San Diego in California to an international force in modern rock music. The question that remains is, what's next? Their latest album provides an answer "Interrobang".


With their new album, the boys have reached a stage where this passion for music and the emerging feeling of happiness and freedom have become a clear part of their music. Although they have proven their musical potential on several occasions, there is still no end in sight to their tireless skills.


"Interrobang" is just the first taste of a band that has already seen a lot of life and is still striving for more. It is a colorful, eclectic mix of their lively sound, alternating between alternative rock, pure rock and pop elements. Anthemic rock passages meet acoustic numbers, which are interspersed with other melodies and ideas to create a complete work that is best listened to from top to bottom. The new album is modern, has a very natural feel and shows slight influences from the Beatleswhich Foreman has already mentioned as an influence in the past. Listening to the new album takes you straight back to your last summer evening or road trip and conveys a feeling of lightness. The album deals with the most diverse facets of life, sometimes socially critical and unembellished.


"Interrobang" is an album that can really stand on its own merits and celebrates the last decades of the band. We are definitely looking forward to the release and are just waiting to hold our own copy in our hands.


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