The Red Clay Strays release new album "Moment of Truth"

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The Red Clay Strays unveil debut album "Moment of Truth" on CD and Vinyl

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It makes you wonder where these guys come from and where they've been all this time, doesn't it?


It's a fair question when you consider the impressive career of The Red Clay Strays: With their single "Wondering Why" racking up more than 68 million plays on Spotify, the band has catapulted into the Top 10 of the Triple A charts. Their first headline tour of the US was a resounding success with 38 sold out concerts and every concert announced for this year sold out within hours, which undoubtedly speaks volumes for their live performance.


But that's not all. Even the Rolling Stones have taken notice of the band and have included them as a support act for their tour in May. So this is a band whose debut album, "Moment of Truth", has not only been eagerly awaited, but also had high expectations. Now fans can finally look forward to a haptic version of the album, which will be released on CD and vinyl.


The Red Clay Strays embody something that revives faith in the comeback of rock'n'roll: a blend of 60s magic, blues and country, enhanced by the raw, raspy vocals of singer Brandon. The result is a sound that combines blues, slight hints of gospel and classic rock and will not only delight rock fans, but will certainly also appeal to the masses.


The album "Moment of Truth" by The Red Clay Strays is versatile and full of feeling. It starts quietly, without much fanfare, and increases in dynamics and tension from song to song. This gentle progression draws you in intensely and you hardly notice when a song ends and a new one begins. It feels as if you are on a long journey with a friend who is pouring out his heart. The honesty, emotionality and surprising musical sophistication captivate the listener and make them listen particularly attentively.


In addition to the eponymous title track "Moment of Truth", the album also includes tracks such as "Wondering Why", which impressively underline the band's skills. Rarely have we heard a debut album that already works at such a high level. It makes you wonder, what's next?


The Red Clay Strays will also be coming to Germany as part of the Nashville Festival in Cologne and will also be playing a smaller tour in the United Kingdom. In the future, we will certainly be able to see the band on their own headline tour through Europe. Until then, we can only recommend you listen to their album - it's worth it!


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