Topsy Turvy's release new album "It Can't Be Easy"

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Topsy Turvy's release their debut album "It Can't Be Easy" - A captivating adventure about life

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Aliens, a planet facing its own annihilation and humanity in the middle of it: Topsy Turvy's have told a complex story around our species and its existence with their last three EPs, which will now be continued with their new album "It Can't Be Easy".


With more than 300 concerts in 26 countries and three EPs, Topsy Turvy's have built an international fanbase around their punk rock sound. Formed in Poitier in 2008, the band from France enriches the music scene with their endless creativity and DIY attitude, which are the secret ingredients for their musical concept and are continued in "It Can't Be Easy".


In their first album, the band continues what they have already done in their last EPs: 'Tackle and address challenges. French punk meets modern rock here, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the next. "It Can't Be Easy" is a harmonious body of work that musically delivers a coherent concept from everyone involved and knows exactly when the quiet or loud tones are needed. Especially the combination of female and male vocals creates a skilful variety, which emphasises the dynamics in the individual songs.


In their new album, the band talks about nature, which finally wants to take revenge on mankind. It reclaims its place and gives humans and animals a last chance to do better on another planet. Thematically, this follows on from the first EPs, which also revolved around the end of the world. The first EP is about aliens who have landed on our planet and after some observations decide to intervene in our lives. This is continued with their second EP, which was released in 2012, the year of the end of the world, and deals with this very topic: The aliens, who try to exterminate the evil humanity. However, they don't succeed and have to continue observing humans in order to understand them, which led to the last EP. There, humans are studied in detail to understand their characteristics and to be able to explain how they function. The legendary trilogy now culminates in "It Can't Be Easy", which sums it up. The band also addresses other topics such as loss of control, self-perception and life and death. Even everyday things like love and the needs of human beings are addressed here. Topsy Turvy's 's amazing journey continues and leaves fans looking forward to another adventure, true to their punk style. The band tells us about the creative process:


"This album was recorded at home, with the exception of the drums, the mix and the mastering. Its elaboration was spread out over nearly 2 years, in a context of covid, of difficulties to make choices and to get to work. It is finally in a few weeks that it was finalized after several months of reflection on the meaning to give it. As for the previous EPs, these new songs talk a lot about personal reflections, sometimes trying to find answers but trying to remain open to other possibilities. If sometimes the words can seem a bit sharp, they are in reality only calls for deeper thoughts and discussions that can never be fully expressed on a format as short as a song :)"


With their new album "It Can't Be Easy" you can expect a two-way album that brings an atmospheric sound and a desire for live music. Available everywhere on 13 January, the album is not to be missed!


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