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All highlights of the Trafostation 61 Festival 2023 + Insights, bands and more.

Hi and welcome to Lila's news!


From friends for friends - Under this motto runs again the Trafostation 61-Festival which calls in Frechen for an annual meeting of fans and bands. The festival opens its doors once again to celebrate with you from August 11-13 in an incomparable atmosphere.


Find out all the highlights and what you shouldn't miss here.


A few facts...


The Trafostation 61-Festival is for those of you who don't know it yet, a festival with tradition, a lot of passion and a lot of music. Started in the rehearsal room of the former Frechen bands Dill and Grandma Death a non-profit association with more than 170 volunteer members, donors and helpers has emerged, which brings the festival to life every year for one weekend in August.


Each time the festival attracts hundreds of visitors who celebrate exuberantly on the eponymous Trafostation 61 site. International as well as national musicians from rock, metal and punk meet in the middle of the green. The varied program ensures that there is something for everyone. Good food, cold drinks and above all a lot of fun with the spectators and the bands additionally round off the festival experience that lets the last summer nights come to an end in a familiar as well as personal atmosphere.


The bands


What would a festival be without its bands? This year you can expect a total of 25 bands from the underground. We have already told you about one or the other band and more will surely follow. One band we want to recommend to you in advance is Ice Cream At The Alligator Park, which we have already seen at the BlattTurbo Bandabend and the Escalate Festival Last year as visitors on site, they are now on stage themselves.


Another highlight and must-see is Purple Dawn, which we also wished for in a poll by the organizers on social media (thanks!). Seen for the first time at the Blue Shell with Devil May Care the guys have already inspired us at the time and will provide a powerful atmosphere on site. Until then, Peace & Doom!


Delicious food and family atmosphere


A good festival is not only good music, but also the opportunity to relax on site and forget the stress of everyday life. All this as well as delicious food from the oriental and Asian cuisine and cool drinks can be found at the Trafo Festival!


DIY for Life!


As it is also already stated on their website, the Trafo is a DIY festival. From the organization to the bands, some of which operate without a label, the festival is organized on a voluntary basis and is highly professional. You can feel this feeling everywhere at the festival, including the aforementioned personal contact and the quaint vintage furnishings on site. The after-show party, which takes place right next to the stage, is an experience in itself, where the evening ends with light electronic music. There you will not only meet spectators, but also some of the bands that are also on site. It's not surprising that one or the other jam session will take place there.


Our magazine can therefore only recommend the Trafostation 61-Festival not to miss. The journey can be easily managed by public transport or by car. There is also a shuttle service that can be used. Learn more here.


Don't hesitate too long and get your ticket now!

Ticket to the Trafostation 61 Festival:  Here. 


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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