Uncaved release their debut album

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Uncaved present their strong debut album "Dogmatorraistes" this week

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


The band Uncaved from Switzerland deliver an accomplished death metal sound that they have made their own. With a flair for impressive guitar solos, dark melodies and catchy rhythms, the band offers a varied sound that can also be energetic at times. Exactly this mixture presents the band now in an own album, which you can hear on Wednesday.


Ten songs. Lots of death metal. A successful combination for the start of the week!


The title of the album, "Dogmatorraistes", means Breaker of the dogma and is a neologism from ancient Greek. With that the band gives a little hint about what their latest work will be about: Self-enlightenment, social concepts, constructive philosophy as well as religious themes are addressed in their new album. These are topics that occupy the world and to which they give a new perspective. At the same time, the band also gives the listener a foothold through their music, allowing one to sing along to songs like "Premanent Respository" .


This is combined with playful guitar riffs, which together with melancholic melodies and a haunting drum rhythm create their own sound. The instrumental arrangement creates an intense listening experience, which the musicians present on a high level. Aggressive rhythms meet groovy parts, which in turn are complemented by versatile guttural vocals. It is a constant interplay, which in the gloomy atmosphere of the album makes you curious about the next song. What makes this work special, however, is that the lyrics are not only in English, but also in German and partly - if we've heard it out correctly (see "Nocturni Luminis") - in Latin or ancient Greek. Madness!


Uncaved give with their debut album a foretaste of how they want to shape the scene in the future and give just with songs like "Lightbringer" an answer that will surely please fans. Save the date: 09 August.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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