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Waxflower let look forward to long-awaited debut "We might be alright" + Save the date 16 April

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The up-and-coming rock band Waxflower release their long-awaited debut album on April 16th "We might be alright" and surprise with a modern, fresh sound that is made for spring.


Waxflower are young, but know exactly what they want: With just three singles under their belt, they organized their own headline tour in February 2020 (when the world was still normal) and played a sold-out concert in their hometown of Brisbane, among other things. A short time later, they also signed a contract with the independent record label Rude Records and paved their way directly into the rock scene. With a dynamic sound that lies somewhere between pop punk, rock and alternative, the Waxflower The songs create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that puts you in a good mood.


"We might be alright" is a work that speaks very honestly and directly about the highs and lows in life and presents them unembellished in all their facets. It is okay to lose balance in a relationship, in your health or in other aspects of life, but it is important to face these challenges and accept your problems. The whole thing is accompanied by five selected songs that provide the right sound for the subject matter. With this first EP, the direction in which the band is moving becomes clear and shows a melodic, personal and energetic sound that fans of the band and those who will become fans can already look forward to. "We might be alright" is a real pick-me-up that you won't want to put down after the first listen. Especially "Food For Your Garden" is highly recommended by us as a first introduction to the record. Singer Tristan:


"Food For Your Garden is about running away from your past and avoiding personal change by trying to find it in someone else. Regardless of how a relationship ends, you learn from it, you live with it and so do they. Sometimes you're not meant to be in someone's life, and that's okay. You might as well use your time together as fertilizer to help you grow."


Waxflower has taken an impressive first step with this debut, the direction of which will definitely, in our opinion, take them further forward. We very much hope to hear a little more of this mixture in the future.


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