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"Welcome to the Sleeps Society!" - While She Sleeps present brand new album "Sleeps Society" this Friday

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While She SleepsA band that not only enjoys a high level of recognition in the scene, but also manages to surpass itself time and again without losing its footing. For many years, the five musicians have always gone their own way, which may seem unconventional and new-fangled to some, but to which a loyal fanbase that supports them belongs. Now, with their new album, they are continuing their journey and presenting the music industry with a major challenge. How does it work? We had to do a little research first.


The band was founded fifteen years ago in their hometown of Sheffield, UK, and has been playing in its current line-up since 2009. Their music is primarily rooted in metalcore, but is supported on every album by various influences from deathcore, alternative metal or pop. The special thing about While She Sleeps is that every evolution they have undergone as a band and in their music is reflected in every album and the leap from a band from Sheffield, who used to fill small halls, to a big name in metalcore is clear. The guys can look back on a long music career that has already earned them a number of different awards.


But all that glitters is not always gold, even in the music business, because even While She Sleeps have had to overcome various situations over the years that have demanded a lot from them. It's not easy to make a living doing what you love. Especially for bands that have started small and worked their way up, even after reaching the top, they can't always make a living from it and get into debt. This is what While She Sleeps and initiate a rethink in the music industry.


This Friday, the band will release their brand new album "Sleeps Society" and at the same time launched their platform of the same name, supported by the social payment service provider Patreon. Fans can register on this platform for a fee ranging from €6 to €24 per month and access exclusive content such as video material or early bird tickets to the band's concerts. Our impression is that the guys don't want to take money out of their fans' pockets or somehow make more profit. Rather, their aim is to be able to continue doing what they do and to be able to continue Sleeps Society they see the opportunity not only to maintain their band, but also to pursue their passion. The various offers also provide a lot of content that will certainly please some of you fans. Here is an excerpt from their statement:


"Our goal is to deliver a "too good to be true" level of rewards for the prices we charge our supporters by using our individual skills to develop and create entertaining and informative videos, tutorials, ideas and more for our members. In doing so, we share our knowledge and experience in the hope that other artists can use this model for themselves.


With the monthly support of our fans, the band will be able to break free from the music industry's traditional method of "cash advances," where artists essentially borrow large sums of money and give up the rights to their songs, only to spend the following years in debt, which often becomes insurmountable and crippling.


The Sleeps Society secures a solid future for WSS and creates a new survival model for artists and bands alike. We will engage fans at the highest level and foster a symbiotic relationship as the Sleeps Society becomes an integral part of Sleeps' existence."


The album "Sleeps Society" not only breaks conventions in the music industry, but also calls for a rethink in other areas of life. It deals with socio-critical topics, deals with highs and lows in everyday life and confronts its own fears, such as in the song "NERVOUS"in which Simon Neil tells of his anxiety. Her new work is versatile, uneven and reflects the good and bad sides of life in the form of eleven songs. Between doubt and hopelessness While She Sleeps With this album, the band gives a voice to those who have none and gives them the feeling that they are not alone. On this album, too, the boys only make the most of their infinite repertoire and put their fanbase, not themselves, in the foreground. This is particularly evident in the song "Call Of Void"which they will present together with their "Sleeps Society"their fans.


Musically, the band has remained true to their authentic sound, which once again notes their development. This album combines the well-known metalcore with elements of electro and pop and manages to produce a strong mixture that not only builds on the success of the previous works, but also catches up with them. It is full of energy, exciting and always finds the right tone for the right moment. "Sleeps Society" is an album that encloses a whole world within itself and provides surprises even after the umpteenth listen. To get you started, we recommend the song "No Defeat For The Brave"who, together with Deryck from SUM41 and is one of our absolute favorite songs on the record.


While She Sleeps have created an expressive album with "Sleeps Society" has released an expressive work that is not afraid to break new ground and revolutionize its environment. We are definitely looking forward to what the band has planned for the future and will keep you up to date!


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