When Waves Collide veröffentlichen "Chasm"

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When Waves Collide release their long-awaited new work "Chasm

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


When Waves Collide recently surprised with their latest work "Chasm" and delivered with this one a fitting successor to their last eponymous disc.


Who is When Waves Collide?


Formed in 2017 in Paris, the band has always felt at home in post-rock, rather, in instrumental and is known there in the local scene. As so often in this genre, in our experience, it is an art to grab the listener and at the same time to bring variation in their own playing and in addition, to be tuned to each other. But this harmonic interplay, which some miss especially in the instrumental, give When Waves Collide to the best.


Your latest work "Chasm" is no exception.


Opening with their song "The Fallen" is directly recognizable how much passion and lifeblood the guys have put into this record to press them into a coordinated body of work. They have not only musically developed from the first work, but also refined their personal sound and give this in the form of six selected songs. "Chasm" tells of a post-apocalyptic and far-from-this-world upheaval in society, which the band accompanies through the individual songs in their new album. In addition furthermore:


"Chasm is the story of a civilization on the verge of collapse. Human void or geological fault, one falls into it all and hopes for a sign. We follow their journey through song, falling with them, surviving cataclysms, praying for help, interpreting omens, until we get stranded at the end of the road."


When Waves Collide not only want you to listen to their new album, but rather to immerse yourself in the world behind it. It is a thematic album that gives room for your own imagination and does not limit itself to let the story end or continue in a certain way. This is supported by the band's appropriate background music, which rounds off the whole thing with added electronic and industrial sounds and really gives you the feeling of being close to this civilization standing on the precipice.


Despite the fact that we usually avoid instrumental music, we have When Waves Collide convinced us of the opposite and gave us a reason to pay a little more attention to the genre. For all fans and those who want to become one, we definitely recommend listening.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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