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In the interview with Seike from Kerbera

Hey and welcome to Lila's interview!


For the start of their latest tour, we had the chance to interview Seike from Kerbera (Thanks, Seike!). Everything about the band, new music and the upcoming tour can be found here! Have fun.


Here is the translation.


LILA: Kerbera has existed for a few years and has already experienced a lot together. What was the best and what was the worst thing you experienced together as a band?


SEIKE: I mean, it's always hard to lose members. No matter what the reason is for leaving the band. There is always a certain chemistry that is dependent on the members. I think that energy is what makes a band. We were like kids looking for our identity in the middle of a family crisis, if you know what I mean.


The best part was undoubtedly meeting our fans all over the world. Of course I love making music and that's why I'm in a band, but I could do that on my own, for me in my basement. Doing what you love and sharing it with people who love you for it is all you could ever ask for.


LILA: I heard that you are working on new music. Is there a new album in the works?


SEIKE: We have a lot of new music in store. We have already included some of the songs in our set and play them live! You can always expect something from us. Keep your eyes and ears open, but the release soon is for sure!


LILA: Last year, after you had Falling In Reverse on tour, you played several concerts all over Thailand to support a non-profit animal welfare organization that rescues dogs. All the profits from the tour were donated to the organization. What was your intention behind this?


SEIKE: I love animals. I know Michael (The Man Who Rescues Dogs) for a long time and always wanted to help anyway, but just giving money and posting a link on my social media for my followers didn't feel right. We wanted to do something more personal, and what better way than to incorporate our music? We wrote a song called "Howl" made and went on the tour where all the money from the streams of the track and ticket sales went to the organization.


LILA: When you listen to your debut single "Inglorious" and the music you make now, what do you think has changed about your musical style?


SEIKE: Everything. Almost! Haha, no, but we've obviously evolved a lot in five years. I think we have moved in a direction that is more "we" is instead of adapting to what we think people want to hear. We will always evolve and try new things.


LILA: This month you start your latest tour "The World Ends With Us"which will take place in ten different cities in North America. Tell me, what can the fans look forward to on the tour?


SEIKE: 13 shows actually! Just announced more! I wanted to go to the USA for a tour from the beginning, so we will give everything for this tour! We had a tour booked on the west coast in 2015 but unfortunately had to cancel it. That's why this one feels fantastic!


LILA: Imagine if you had the chance to spend a day "President Of The World" to be. What would you like to change?


SEIKE: Honestly, that would be the end of the world. Just don't take me to the office if you want to live... haha.


LILA: Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?


SEIKE: There are not enough words for my love for our fans. All I can do is thank you all for being there for us, especially in the last few months. It's been a struggle in every way. I'll tell you the story one day! Stay with us in the future, follow us on our social networks and write to us! We look forward to hearing from all of you, wherever you are in the world, and we hope to meet at a concert soon!


Image source: Kerbera


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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