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One, two, three.. Go!

Behind The Noise

Kill The Lights Konzert im MTC, Köln mit Drawn By Evil
From: Editorial office


In a world surrounded by chaos - wars, uncontrolled climate change - it feels...

Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024
From: Editorial office

Dead Poet Society and Ready The Prince tear up the stage at Luxor, Cologne | Behind The Noise

7,000 miles away from home, a small stage in Cologne and 300 enthusiastic spectators who didn't want to miss...

Nothing More on Spirits Tour at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024
From: Editorial office

Nothing More concert in Cologne - A demolition party at the Live Music Hall | Behind The Noise

A concert, an experience, simply "Nothing More." As part of their "Spirits" tour, Nothing More came together with Vukovi and Siamese to...

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes concert at the Live Music Hall, Cologne 2024
From: Editorial office

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes give an unforgettable concert with The Mysterines in Cologne | Behind The Noise

One of the first warm spring nights, a sold-out concert and a choir belting out the words to "Man Of The Hour" at the top of their voices: a...

Fixation concert in Cologne with Annisokay and To Kill Achilles
From: Editorial office

Fixation on "Abyss" Tour with To Kill Achilles and Annisokay - Concert in Cologne | Behind The Noise

The Vinegar Factory. A home for the scene, a home for metal and rock lovers. Another time we were allowed to...

Weathers concert at Luxor, Cologne with K.Flay
From: Editorial office

Weathers on tour with K.Flay through Europe + An insight to their concert at Luxor, Cologne | Behind The Noise

We couldn't imagine a better start to the week: Standing in the midst of spectators who all...

Trafostation-61 Festival in Frechen
From: Editorial office

Unforgettable: This year's Trafostation 61 festival in Frechen | Behind The Noise

A festival season without a visit to the Trafostation 61 festival would be unthinkable for us.

From: Editorial office

Four bands, one evening: This year's Rock im Fort in Bergheim | Behind The Noise

Last celebrated with more than 70.000 Ringrockers in the Green Hell, we went now to the Rock in the fort, one of the...

Trash Boat concert review - concert at Mitsubishi Electric Hall Düsseldorf 2023
From: Editorial office

Trash Boat "only": How the band heated up the crowd at Mitsubishi Electric Hall in Düsseldorf | BEHIND THE NOISE

Concerts are not always about the grand gestures and moments, but also sometimes about...

BlattTurbo band evening in Stotzheim, May 2023
From: Editorial office

Long live the punk! The BlattTurbo band night of May 13 | BEHIND THE NOISE

A sunny Saturday evening, four bands and a concert in a family atmosphere: the next BlattTurbo Band evening announced...

Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer
From: Editorial office

Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik, Cologne + Willkuer | BEHIND THE NOISE

Our magazine has been drawn to many concerts, but on a pure...

Beartooth concert in Cologne 2023
From: Editorial office

Beartooth concert at Palladium, Cologne + Motionless In White and Stray From The Path | BEHIND THE NOISE

Where is the perfect way to start the early weekend, if not at a Beartooth concert? The band played...

Avatar concert at Essigfabrik, Cologne 2023
From: Editorial office

Avatar concert at Essigfabrik, Cologne + Veil Of Maya and Kassogtha | BEHIND THE NOISE

Incomparable. This is how our last concert visit can be described. We had the honor and were allowed to...

August Burns Red concert at the Live Music Hall Cologne
From: Editorial office

August Burns Red concert at Live Music Hall, Cologne + Bury Tomorrow and Novelists FR | BEHIND THE NOISE

It was probably the last concert for us this year and we can hardly...

From: Editorial office

Set It Off and Weathers concert at Essigfabrik, Cologne + All Highlights | BEHIND THE NOISE

Sold Out. This is a figurehead that many bands wish they had when they once again tour to...

Never Say Die 2022 in Cologne
From: Editorial office

Never Say Die starts the opening of their tour at Essigfabrik, Cologne! | BEHIND THE NOISE

This year returned the Never Say Die Tour returned and celebrated its opening at the Essigfabrik, in Cologne with national...

From: Editorial office

The Escalate Festival returns to Stotzheim! Metal, Punk & more | BEHIND THE NOISE

On 08 October announced one of the smallest and most intense indoor festivals whose name already...

From: Editorial office

Druckphase open the 10th Trafostation 61-Festival in Frechen | BEHIND THE NOISE

My Immortals, last time we told you some things about the band Druckphase and their latest singles, which they...

From: Editorial office

Colorful, loud, underground: The BlattTurbo band night of August 06 | BEHIND THE NOISE

It's been a long, long time since we visited the last band night. The first of the year we have live...

From: Editorial office

Highly Suspect concert in Cologne w/ The Picturebooks + Interview | BEHIND THE NOISE

A few years ago I discovered Highly Suspect, a band that has won me over with its unique blend of...

From: Editorial office

The cult festival Rock am Ring returns to the Nürburgring | BEHIND THE NOISE

90.000 sold tickets, three days Nürburgring and more than 60 different bands from different areas: That is Rock am Ring, which we were allowed to accompany this year to...

From: Editorial office

Great American Ghost on the "Fit For An Autopsy Europe/UK Tour" + Insights | BEHIND THE NOISE

Sometimes you have to let out pent-up feelings or resentment and just switch off. This relaxation especially with deathcore, progressive or hardcore...

From: Editorial office

Normandy on European tour with Led By Lanterns & Our Hollow, Our Home | BEHIND THE NOISE

A long time ago, via YouTube, the way you usually get good music, we were recommended a video from a band that goes with this...

From: Editorial office

The Escalate Festival 2021

Live reports about concerts are our passion and a live report about a festival tops the whole thing of course. So we were really happy when Krokus invited us to the Loreley (Rock Fels) Festival. Especially on...

From: Editorial office

Sober Truth and their "album release party".

Where do we begin, my Immortals?
Best with the fact that on October 11, we had the opportunity to report on a concert and to experience this live. Sober Truth, the band behind our "Album Of The Month" had...

From: Editorial office

BlattTurbo hosts last band night before the Escalate Festival | Behind The Noise

It's been way too long since we've been to a concert and also way too long since we've been to a band night......

From: Editorial office

9th BlattTurbo band night

Even if half the world perishes on our doorstep, masks are the latest trend in the supermarket as well as at work, and even Wacken closes its doors, BlattTurbo magazine from Euskirchen carries on. Despite the many obstacles caused by...

From: Editorial office

7th BlattTurbo band night

It was the last concert evening before the apocalypse - at least we didn't know at that time what all will come up to us and what challenges we would still have to face. But we do not want to talk here and now about...

From: Editorial office

Sum41 at Mitsubishi Electric Hall with Zebrahead

It was the last concert evening before the apocalypse - at least we didn't know at that time what all will come up to us and what challenges we would still have to face. But we do not want to talk here and now about...

At the limit with Otte from BlattTurbo
From: Editorial office

6th BlattTurbo band night

It's January. Just like many of you, we said goodbye to the old year with a huge bang and that, with full anticipation for the next upcoming releases as well as concerts. We have a lot planned for this year and we will tell you more about it soon! One event, which is especially close to our hearts, is...

From: Editorial office

Impericon - Never Say Die Tour 2019

For more than a decade it has been bringing modern metal to the most diverse corners of Europe, and this when the first cold October and November days are already arriving. Always greats like Parkway Drive...

Escalate Festival in Euskirchen
From: Editorial office

Escalate Festival 2019

For the fourth time now BlattTurbo invited to the Escalate Festival in Euskirchen. Also this year the underground festival announced itself loudly in the tranquil county town and opened the...

From: Editorial office

Printing phase 2019

Looking for something new? After an eventful concert evening that you won't forget in a hurry? Then we recommend the guys from Druckphase. Discovered on the fourth "BlattTurbo Bandabend", the distinctive mixture of...

From: Editorial office

Tiny Moving Parts at Luxor with Lizzy Farrall and Microwave

In our studio, the latest disc from Tiny Moving Parts was blaring out of the speakers for the umpteenth time, while the coffee machine was running at full speed to give us...

From: Editorial office

5th BlattTurbo band night

As a prelude to the upcoming Escalate Festival in November, we once again found ourselves in the small village of Stotzheim, near Euskirchen. Every two months there are band evenings in the Klosterhof, organized by BlattTurbo, an independent magazine from the area. Now it was time for the next...

From: Editorial office

Counterfeit on their European tour 2019

Exactly two years ago we were allowed to sniff concert air at the Stollwerck for the first time. At that time we visited the Counterfeit concert in the old hall and experienced one of the best concerts in our career. A memorable...

The band pressure phase on the sheetTurbo band evening
From: Editorial office

4th BlattTurbo band night

The fourth Blattturbo band evening also heralded the 5th birthday of the Blattturbo magazine and of course we couldn't miss it. Arriving at the location, we met Otte right at the entrance, who was getting in the mood for the show together with the guys from Druckphase. Relaxed and quite...

From: Editorial office

3rd BlattTurbo band night

One evening. Four bands. What more could you want? On a Saturday this month the third BlattTurbo band evening was announced and on this occasion the small village of Stotzheim, near Euskirchen, was properly shaken up. Such an occasion we wanted to...

From: Editorial office

Palaye Royale at Luxor with The Haunt and Flash Forward

Outside was the cold and inside the place was boiling - Luxor. On an icy Wednesday in the middle of the "metropolis" Cologne, Palaye Royale returned after almost half a...

From: Editorial office

Escalate Festival 2018

Escalation in Euskirchen - On November 17 of this year, ten bands brought atmosphere to the sleepy Städle near Cologne. From rock to punk to metal, these contributed a fat sound...

From: Editorial office

Nothing More at the Palladium 2018

It was October 27, 2018 and thus "Day X". In our car the latest disc of Nothing More was playing and when "Go To War" boomed through the speakers, it held no...

From: Editorial office

SUM41 in Turbine Hall 1 with Waterparks

On August 28th we drove from our living room Cologne to the "far" away Oberhausen to cover a concert in the Turbinenhalle 1 that we already...

From: Editorial office

Matt Andersen with Port Cities at the Savoy Theater

One year... one year has passed since we saw the exceptional talent Matt Andersen live for the last time. All the more we were happy when in April this year we received an invitation to...

From: Editorial office

Ghost Iris on their "Scandinavian Invasion Tour

As it should be, we have also started our concert season this year with a real banger and to celebrate this accordingly we have for you not one, not ...

From: Editorial office

Nothing More and Psycho Village at Luxor

Nothing More. Our studio had already heard a lot about the band, which has recently been stirring up the scene. When we received a request whether we were interested in...

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